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Last night my Fitbit told me I slept 10hrs & 18min with only 1 time waking up (always must pee..)!! I awoke feeling amazing & went for a little jog! I felt so great, like I could just jog all day long.... But family was waiting, so I had to return back home!!


I can tell I've lost weight, I've been very good to not check... but people are starting to notice & my clothes are loose!! My joints don't hurt as bad either.... Which is the main reason that I started!! 


I had a horrific start to this program with massive inflammation in my body, everything felt like it was on fire! Every joint & muscle burned like I was on fire.. I also had stomach cramps, and dirreah! I'm so glad to be past that point now!!


I'm looking forward to the next 15 days & then to see where this takes me!!  :wub:

My 12yr old daughter is doing this with me.. she is having much more trouble because she refuses to eat any veggies.... This is a problem!! I just keep on encouraging her & take one day at a time!! 

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Congratulations on making it halfway! It encourages me to read this because even though I'm going through hangover days, I know there are much better days ahead. I'm super excited to see how my workouts will go once I reach Tiger's Blood!

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