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Good morning from Day 2 of my first Whole30!


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Hi, gang!

My name is Paige, and I live in Chicago.


I started my first Whole30 yesterday and had a great first day — I worked in the kitchen at a Bloody Mary Festival here in town, making open-faced BLTs and bruschetta, and serving mini quiches (filled with cheese) and tiny cupcakes (my Kryptonite). I resisted all that temptation and even turned down the Maker's Mark toast with my kitchen team.


I've been incorporating high-quality whole foods into my diet for a LONG time — I did an 8-week, nutritionist-supervised elimination diet back in 2014 and have also done a 21-Day Sugar Detox, at which I pretty spectacularly failed because I love fruit — but I'm really looking forward to a re-adjustment with the Whole30.


My favorite part? I've still never successfully changed my relationship with food to be a healthy one that comes from a place of love. Instead, it's often very negative and guilt based:: I eat my feelings and lately have really turned to things like buttered rice and big hunks of chocolate to get me through tough times. (There have been more than a few of those lately.)

I'm already finding these forums to be a huge help and look forward to getting to know some of you better. 



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