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Nyx's 1st post-pregnancy whole 30


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This is actually happening!


This being my first Whole 30 since my son was born last October. I held off on starting until I felt more self-confident in being a new mom and less likely to worry about whether x is not working because of the Whole 30 or because of something else. Also,to be honest, until baby H hit 6 months, I just didn't have the mental or physical bandwidth to deal with planning/shopping/cooking that came with doing a Whole 30 or heck even just going paleo. But now that H is a little older I have more energy and I want to use that energy to get back on track.  I


I had grand plans to prep a bunch of things (side dishes, breakfasts, sauces, ect...) but that fell through so I am going to wing it for the first few days.


So diving into today:


Meal 1:

1/2 sweet potato mashed with thumb length bit of coconut oil

1 cup steamed broccoli 

2 compliant hot dogs


Meal 2: 

6 cilantro and garlic chicken wings

1 cup of whipped butternut squash with lime and coconut milk

1/2 avocado

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Well day 1 went about as well as I thought it would. I was *so* hungry by 4pm because I did not pack a big enough lunch. Ran straight to the grocery store after I got out of work to stock up on supplies for the rest of the week. Got home, relieved my husband of baby duty for an hour and then prepped dinner. All in all I didn't end up eating my third meal until way later than I planned at 8pm but I made it through the day so high-five to me.  My only concern about the rest of the week is that when I pumped at work I ended up being down 2.5 ounces of breastmilk. It's probably not related to my diet since it was just day one but I'm going to keep an eye on it.


Meal three from yesterday was:


Chocolate Chili over steamed spaghetti squash with a side of brocoli sauteed in coconut oil.

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Day 2 went a bit better. With my fridge stocked I was able to prepare for the day in a calmer, more organized fashion before I left for work. Still working on whether to commit to two snacks and three meals or just four meals to accommodate my breastfeeding schedule. Pumping at work went much better than Day 1. I was able to pump my normal amount. I think it helped that I was guzzling water like it was my job from the moment I woke up. The downside to staying hydrated was that even though I made sure to stop drinking at 6pm, I still needed to get up 3(!) times last night to go to the bathroom. Hopefully, that doesn't happen tonight because I could really use a solid night's sleep. Well, as solid as I can get with a 7 month old baby. 


Overall, I'm feeling pretty good and I think that I am going to make it through this first week. Though when I went to pick up my monthly Meat CSA, our farmer gave us a free loaf a bread. I felt bad declining it, since she was so sweet about it. But whoa, did I have a moment of temptation because I was *so* hungry at the time.  


Day 2 Meals:


Meal 1: 3 roast chicken wings, 1 mashed Japanese yams with coconut oil and 1/4th cup of broccoli 


Snack 1: tbs of sesame seeds and an orange


Meal 2: Coco Chili over steamed spaghetti squash and 1/2 an avocado


Snack 2: 4 Brazil nuts and a banana


Meal 3: Coconut and lemongrass Chicken Drumsticks with whipped Cauliflower and potatoes and a 3 roast carrots. 

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Meal prep is no joke when juggling a baby :(  Yesterday (Day 3) went well but I'm having a hard time getting dinner on the table before 7pm in a relatively stress-free manner. The challenge I'm facing is that my husband, who works from home, also cares for our son during the day. When I get home, I take over baby duty to give him an hour or so to catch up on any work that couldn't be done and to decomprese. Pre-baby, I would just come home and start prepping dinner. Now, I try to entertain/nurse the kiddo from 5-6 and prep what I can with him in a baby carrier or high chair starting at 6. Sometime the kiddo is awesome and I can cook almost everything without needing my husband to intervene. Other days (like yesterday), the kiddo is inconsolable and we have to pass him back and forth and cook in increments. Ultimately, I think I need to add some dinner salads to our menu for next week.


On the good side, I finally got a good night's sleep!


Meals for Day 3:


Meal 1: Diced japanese yam with melted coconut oil, 1/2 cup of coco chili and 1 soft boiled egg


Snack 1: 4 brazil nuts and an orange


Meal 2: 2 coconut lemongrass chicken drumsticks with whipped caulifower and roasted carrots


Snack 2: Banana and handful of olives (so weird, I know :rolleyes: )


Meal 3: Roast bone-in chicken breast, warm brussle sprout slaw with citrus dressing and 1/2 a japanese yam

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Daily log: Yesterday was pretty uneventful until right before I left work. My husband messaged me as I was leaving to let me know that he wouldn't be going to his club meeting and that we'd be eating dinner together. Normally, this would be fine but I had planned on making chicken fried chicken livers, a dish I love and he HATES, and there was no other meat defrosted.  So an emergency trip to the store was made and I picked up some fish that all of us could enjoy.


Breastfeeding log: Increased my pumping sessions at work to three and got a good yield.  I need to remind myself that two sessions just aren't cutting it right now. I feel like my baby is nursing a bit more in the evening and overnight but that may be due to him going through a growth spurt and not because I am producing less. I also learned that if I increased the amount of healthy fats at my meals I could cut out my between meal snacks.


Changes: I feel lighter and much less bloated! My energy is pretty good too...


Day 4 meals:

Meal 1: Coco Chili, brussel sprouts and whipped cauliflower and potato

Meal 2: 3 coconut lemongrass drumsticks and mashed japanese yams

Meal 3: Crispy monkfish with zoodles in an egg sauce (well-fed's comfort noodle recipe) and homefries

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Daily log: Day 5 started off not on a good foot! Had to scrounge to put together a compliant breakfast because I need to restock the fridge. Then when I went and treated myself to an iced americano at starbucks, I ruined it by pouring cream into it! I was in autopilot mode and didn't realize what I was doing until the milk was in my cup. Happily, I convinced myself it wasn't worth throwing this week away over and just gave it away to a co-worker.


Bleh, I need to pull it together.

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