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Day 17-Still very tired

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Hi Everyone,


Today I am on day 17 and I have stayed on track the entire time. I do have Hashimoto's disease  and had my medication changed April 9 to 75mg Unithyroid and 10mg cytomel, from LEVOTHYROXINE 112.  I felt fine on that before I started this, so I am not sure if that is causing this or not.  My levels were rechecked on May 3 and there was no change.


My concern is that I am super tired in the afternoons.  I can't stay awake kind of tired!  I am getting about 7 hours of sleep which is normal for me.  Not feeling energized like I thought I would? I am not waking up refreshed.  I am not hungry at this point but perhaps could eat less fruit?  I have had to snack on veggies sometimes during the day, to refrain from being hungry.


I am active, 5-6 days per week, with weight training, walking, spinning class.


Here is my diet.  I ate pretty healthy before I started this.


Breakfast:  3 hard boiled eggs, sweet potato

Lunch: chicken breast, avocado/salsa, apple, snap peas, steamed veggies

Dinner: chicken breast or salmon, 1/2 avocado, avocado oil mayo, steamed veggies, strawberries, coconut oil


Post workout: almond butter with celery or banana  & jerky stick (compliant)


Any suggestions at this point? :unsure:

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Sorry you are struggling.

My quick take:


You are missing fat at Meal 1.

Is the avocado/salsa either/or? You need fat with each meal.

You don't say how much you are eating. The veggies should fill your plate, 1-3 cups.


Finally, your post workout should not include fat (almond butter or fruite. Try to eat lean protein and a little starchy veg like sweet potato.

Try to craft each meal per the Meal Template (see link below in my signature).


How much water are you drinking?


Try these tweaks and see how you feel!

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Thanks for the help.  Yes the avocado is mixed with salsa.  I drink tons of water!  I eat two servings of veggies at one time, so that isn't a concern either.


Also, I forgot to add that I have a sweet potato with dinner also every night.

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On top of ultrarunnergirl's great advice I'd add that many people who eat starchy veg in the morning suffer a crash in the afternoon. As well as adding fat to this meal I'd switch the sweet potato for some power greens like spinach & kale and keep the starchy veg for meal three when it is more inclined to help improve your sleep, which in turn (& along with the additional fat) will help you have more stable/consistent energy levels.

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