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First timer: Day 16 and going strong


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This rocks!


I am 52 and very fit and active, but I have some joint pain and what I recently discovered is exercise-induced asthma. I think this is really helping with the asthma, need to run a couple more "experiments" to know for sure. 


I just feel really great and yes, get cravings but I went to a gala dinner event last night and had no alcohol or dessert, and ordered my dinner ahead of time to be prepared without butter and it was delicious anyway! It was very interesting to notice on the drive home how different I felt, compared to how I would normally feel after a couple of glasses of wine and a big piece of cake. Granted, I ate again when I got home... 


Anyway I am really enjoying this experience and also looking forward very much to a chocolate chip cookie in two weeks... ;-)


Not missing dairy much at all, surprisingly. Bread, some. Noticing that I my energy level is on average higher. Cool!




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