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My first Whole30 log


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I am just now seeing where you can log your food. I really enjoy reading through the other logs, and, at times, I see things that are against the recommendations set forth in the book. I thought I would start my own, and I am open for comments from the Whole30 community. Sometimes other people see things that I could improve on. So, here is my day 9:

M1: two eggs over bed of spinach with diced potatoes, onions, and peppers cooked in ghee.

M2: leftover London broil (2 slices), sautéed onions, roasted sweet potatoes, 2 sticks celery and guacamole, and 1/2 papaya with lime juice squeezed over.

Snack: (this is actually my first snack since I started Whole30 but I was about to play tennis and needed some fuel) handful of pistachios and a handful of cherries.

M3: roasted chicken with ratatouille

I try to have veggies with every meal but sometimes it's hard.

Any suggestions on areas I could improve on would be great. Thanks!

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Day 10:  I'm approaching the hardest days, and the really the hard part is the monotony of veggies and meat at every meal.  


M1:  Smoothie:  I know, I know! I got in trouble on the forum because I had a smoothie.  At least I kept to the fat, veggie, protein combo.  I have a cold, and having a smoothie just sounded so good.  You can view the conversation here:  http://forum.whole30.com/topic/36714-question-about-a-smoothie/


M2:  Romain and spinach salad with ground beef, pico de gallo, salsa verde, jalapeños, bell peppers and guacamole.  I didn't finish it all.  Mostly, I left the ground beef because I'm sick of eating meat and veggies.


Snack:  4 cherries.  I was starving and there was a pretty big gap between lunch and dinner, and I just needed something in my stomach besides water.


M3:  3 oz. filet with sweet potato and broccoli, followed by a bowl of papaya with lime squeezed over it.  I ordered the broccoli steamed plain, but I think there may have been a little butter on it.  I have a cold and can't really taste my food, but my husband thought it may have had some on there.  So, I stopped eating it after he told me that. 


It's hard to finish my food because I don't want any more meat, but I will keep on trudging through.  

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