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I walk to work and struggling with meal timing

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Hi All,


Looking for some thoughts/advice about my morning through lunch time routine. I walk about 2.5 miles to work most mornings, which takes 50-60 minutes. Mind you, I am in my work clothes, but do have sneakers on, so it is somewhere between real exercise and leisurely walking. I eat breakfast around 7:15 and lunch between noon and 12:30. The problem is that I often get hungry around 10:30 or 11:00. Eating more breakfast is difficult for me, as it makes me feel weighed down and heavy. Is this a situation where a PWO meal may be appropriate when I get to work? This mid-morning hunger does not always happen, so I am not sure if I want to have anything after the walk if I do not need it. If I get hungry at 11, I usually just suck it up at wait for lunch. Between breakfast and lunch I usually consume 36-48 oz of water.


Normal Breakfast:


coffee with coconut cream/milk

3 egg scramble with 1-2 cup veggies (usually a mix of peppers, onions and a green such as spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts)

1/4 avocado or homemade mayo


Thanks for you input!

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I walk to work as well and have just about the same schedule, but my walk is a bit more spread out. First 1 mile to get one kid to school (and me home). Then a 30 minute break before the 1.25 miles to drop off second kid at sitter and get to my office. So only the last mile is even at my regular walking speed as I'm usually slowed down by dawdling kids.


I had real appetite issues in the first 2 weeks and was NEVER hungry. Then it finally caught up with me and I had to tweak a lot of things to get my timing between meals right. I don't feel that my walk needs a postWO meal, but I do make sure my breakfast has lots of fat. The recommendation on the template is for 1/2-1 whole avocado for a serving of fat. I can't eat that much at one sitting! So I never rely on it solely for my fat.


My suggestion would be to up your fat at breakfast which wouldn't mean very much more food. See if that helps after a few days.


How far are you into the program?

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I agree with madness... eat at least a half an avocado... start with that and see if it helps... if it does but isn't quite there, eat the whole thing... 


You might also try switching one of your eggs for a handful of leftover protein of another variety... lots of people say mixing eggs with other meats is better for satiety.

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