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Starting May 21


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Hi, I have spent several days reading information, cleaning out things in my pantry and general preparation.


I am excited about this journey, I feel great and can't wait to see what 30 days will do!  My commitment is to get 10k steps each day. This past week I have been averaging 6k steps.  I also want to add waterfit later this week.


This is a long weekend so, all the things I have read about moods and such makes me hopeful I will be good at work on Tuesday!



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So far so good.

A bit sluggish on the "poetry in motion".

Yes, the cheese is a big temptation for me, too, but I just reminded myself that it is ONLY 30 DAYS.

A person can do pretty much anything for only 30 days.

Today it is only 29 days.

But I am actually planning to go out further, until my doc appt on June 28 for a total of 38 days.

Then I can weigh in there,

She told me to lose 5 pounds last Sept and when I weighed in December I had gained 3.

Then I had an appt in April I was up 4 more.

So now it seems I have 12 pounds to go to lose the 5 that she wanted.


I thought that my big problem would be the Full Moon Chocolate desire.

It happens every month at that time, so I had to find a compliant way to have some last night.

I don't need a lot, just a little.

Took care of it. so that's over with.


Have a good week.

Let me know how you're doing.

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