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I'm so glad there is this forum because I'm not sure where else to turn? I completed my first whole30 about two weeks ago and started a re-intro, halfway through I accidentally introduced two things at a time and now I am truly off the bandwagon, eating things I don't even want just to feed the sugar dragon and my body is very unhappy with me. I am tired, headache-y and my lymph glands are constantly swollen. Not to mention sneezing and sinus-y every morning. I have a feeling it is mainly legumes and soy (I know I am intolerant to soy! Why am I eating it??) and I know now that gluten is not great (first day of reintro taught me that!)

I am trying to get back to w30 compliant but I'm scared because in two weeks I am going on holiday to Italy for a romantic week away with my boyfriend, I want to be able to eat the pasta and the pizza there and enjoy ice cream etc. But I know it will make me feel rubbish and there is this sabotage-y part of my brain that says: "eat everything now and make your body build up a resistance so you don't notice it as much" and I KNOW logically that this is NOT what I should be doing. But I don't really know where to go from here and it's making me very upset that my body is so so sensitive to everything apparently and that it is so hard to lose this emotional side to food, and the connection it has with everything in my life: holidays, family, time with friends etc.

If I stay off things long enough will my body ever heal completely so that I can reintroduce some things in small amounts or does it just not work that way?

I think I just needed to vent a bit and write down my struggles so that I recognise them and it helps me choose w30 compliant meals as often as I can. Just a real emotional dip (& probably related to extra junk I'm eating!!)

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Aw dang! I have no advice for the upcoming Italy trip.Hope someone else can give you a better perspective on things.


I started about the same time as you - I think we were a few days apart in the intro thread. I've kept going partly because I didn't see the results I wanted and partly because I had a feeling I would just go back to eating everything and not feeling good. It's hard to REALLY change your habits!


Good luck!

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Hi there-


Hey, you did such an amazing job for 30 days that you are forgetting about! Finishing a whole30 takes an extreme amount of willpower and self-control that you should be so proud of!


I believe that a part of the whole9 lifestyle is about being just as kind to yourself as you would be to a good friend. Food is just food, take it one meal at a time right now and you'll be back on track in no time. I completely understand the strong food urges and once you go off track its completely off track (I was just there a couple of weeks ago). The best thing that I can recommend is to take your mind off your craving as it will eventually subside. Start with breakfast, a nice template meal, then move on to lunch eventually. The hardest thing for me in this journey is figuring out how to live without the strict rules...but hey, at least we aren't alone!


As far as Italy goes- I have spent a fair bit of time there (3 or so months) and you can easily enjoy Italian food, culture, and the country without having to be heavily laden in gluten, dairy, and sugar. The best thing about Italian food is how fresh the ingredients are. As much as we think of Italy as pasta, pizza, and gelato, there is so much more to eat.(Fresh veggies, meats, and especially seafood with salads if you are heading to the Amalfi Coast area) Gelato is delicious but you can often substitute for Sorbetto. :) If you are spending a romantic vacation with your boyfriend then most likely the pasta would be great, but the bloating, exhaustion, crankiness, and tummy troubles would not make it worth it! It is nice to have a treat...but exploring a city is very hard your bones hurt!


My only worry for your trip would be breakfast. Most Italians live off of a croissant and espresso for breakfast or some other sweet baked good...not really a full stable plate! However, most big cities (Rome especially) will have markets in the main squares that will sell fresh produce, fruits, and other items like olives! Maybe have some emergency protein just in case you are feeling rubbish and need a quick pick me up.


I am sure you will have an amazing time. And just remember, that this is a journey that will take way longer than 30 days to get complete control of. Be nice to yourself and be proud!! 

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Thank you for your responses, I am coming to terms with it better now and today starting a whole7 to get back on track. As you say it is a question of balance and I'm just still trying to find mine.

Good idea about the sorbetto, that is usually what I like anyway! I am Italian so I know how much delicious other food there is, I guess I have a hard time breaking apart that "returning home" feeling from eating pasta and pizza! But I just need to remember all the other delicious food I enjoy. And I really am sick of waking up with a sore throat everyday!

Thank you for the kind words and helpful advice. I needed it!!

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