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Beginning 5/22!


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Hi all!  :D


I'm starting my first Whole30 program tomorrow, 5/22. I've slowly been implementing more of the "rules" to my diet throughout the past few weeks - I'm actually switching over from about a 90% vegetarian diet after being swayed on the importance of animal protein. I mostly am doing the program to get into better habits with meal prepping and cooking, in addition to the overall health benefits. I'm technically "obese" by BMI standards but am hoping to not lose too much weight. The forums have been really helpful for me in the planning, so I appreciate the posts!

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Hi dotsand.

Sending you good wishes on your start day.

I started on 21st, one day before you.

Have a great week!

and remember to drink enough water.



Thank you! Have a great week too! I just completed Day 3 and am still feeling good.  :D


I started yesterday! Spent the day shopping and cooking for the week.  Made some fantastic recipes out of WellFed.  Homemade mayo is fantastic.  Good luck everyone!


I also have spent a good amount of time shopping and cooking... will have to check out WellFed. Best of luck to you as well! We got this!! 

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