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Started First Whole30 May 17


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Hi All, 

My name is Sam. My user name actually comes from a different diet website where after high school I lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for over 3 years before medical issues caused slow weight gain. I'm trying whole 30 due to fatigue and malaise that have been a constant barrier for me over the last 6 months. I'm hoping to rule out food-related issues and will be doing a very gradual re-introduction after 30 days. 


My goals for the program are to improve my fatigue and general health, identify any potential food allergies/intolerances, and stop relying on processed foods that are so unhealthy. Long term I'd like to start getting into fitness again, without being too tired to complete some of my favorite workout routines. 


My real "start" date was supposed to be May 16, but day 1 I broke compliance. I travel every other week for work, and decided to start whole30 with my husband that Monday without any prep. I was flying out that day and had milk in my coffee at the airport and then when I got into the hotel late, ordered non-compliant room service. So, my official start ended up being on Tuesday. 


The rest of my week while traveling was brutal and I did the best I could without having prepped before I left. My hotel has a fridge, but no microwave and even if there was a store near by my schedule doesn't give time for shopping. Unfortunately I'm in a downtown urban area when traveling with more 7-11s than actual grocery stores. However, I stuck to the program while there the rest of the week! Expect to see me a lot in the travel section because, like I said, I travel every other week and I rarely have choice (I don't get to book my own hotel or flights, for example, so I am stuck where the travel counselors put me and on the timelines they set, often landing at 8 pm or later and starting work the next day at 7 or 8 am leaving little time for shopping and prep once I get there). 


This week is a "home" week and I am so excited to be enjoying whole food recipes with my wonderful husband who is joining me on this adventure. I look forward to sharing ideas and experiences with everyone here! 

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