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Dealing with Real Life

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I completed my Whole30 earlier in the year, and have mostly had success at sticking to many of the healthy habits I learned, but as I am sure we have all experienced, there are bumps in the road. I liked how I felt on Whole30, but also no it is unrealistic to stick to it 100% of the time. However, the past few days I have been feeling particularly yucky, so I am committing to doing a Whole10 (which puts me at my birthday). I need to remember why these changes are important and that my health is more important than any food.


NSVs from my Whole30 as a reminder to myself:


  • 90% of bloating went away
  • Was able to stop using calorie counters and just enjoy my meals
  • Cut back on snacking
  • Threw away my scale, and have in fact only stepped on a scale once since starting 
  • Learned great new recipes


Why I need a reboot:

  • Feeling bloated and my pants are feeling tighter
  • Have gotten sloppy with making sure my meals fit the meal template (in particular a little too much protein and not enough veggies)

I plan on updating my meals at the end of each day here to keep myself accountable.

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Daily check in:


Breakfast 10:30 - palm size portion of chicken scrambled with one egg, coffee with coconut cream. Not ideal, no veggies, but it ended up being a weird schedule day because I was helping my brother propose to his girlfriend! 


Lunch - basically did not exist because of above activity, but I did not get hungry until about 3:30, when I had a banana and a handful of almonds


Dinner 7:30 - Coconut rhubarb curry with chicken things, roasted carrots and sauteed greens with ginger carrot dressing


I developed a headache around 5:00 today, nothing terrible, but I am attributing it to the craziness of the day.

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Day 2 successfully done, that is, if you don't count the massive leak/flood happening in our place right now...what a night.


Breakfast: 2 egg scramble with peppers, onions and turnips

Lunch: leftover dinner from last night, coconut rhubard curry with chicken and wilted greens

Snack: apple

Dinner: baked eggs in tomato and kale sauce (2 eggs), roasted asparagus plus a spoon of mayo with the eggs

Dessert: 1/2 banana - considering I wanted to eat all my feelings, this is a success

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Well, it looks like our floors will need replacing from the water damage. We only bought this place 2 months ago, welcome to home ownership.


But a great day for some NSVs, including once again not eating my feelings and saying no thank you to both the chocolate and cookies that were offered today.


Breakfast: two egg scramble with peppers, onions and turnips

Snack: larabar (I know not ideal, but I was starving)

Lunch: left over baked eggs in tomato and kale sauce, side of brussels sprouts and red onions

Dinner: went out with a friend and ordered a burger, no bun with a sweet potato on the side


Another NSV...did not order the wine which I so desperately wanted.

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Day 4, I am calling a success because with multiple crying episodes over the state of our floor damage right now I was able to stick to Whole30 eating with the exception of 4 tortilla chips.


Breakfast - coffee with coconut cream, 2 egg scramble with peppers, onions, broccoli and 1/3 avocado

Lunch - turkey taco salad with 1/3 avocado

Snack/pre-WO - handful of pistaccios and larabar (not ideal, but this was on my way to teach my fitness class and I realized how hungry I was after dealing with the water damage all afternoon)

Dinner - stopped at Whole Foods on the way home - steamed broccoli, cauliflower, arugula, 2 fingerling potatoes, palm size of grilled chicken, 1/2 palm full walnuts, then I added my own dressing at home. A mix of homemade mayo and carrot ginger dressing

Dessert - toasted coconut chips (good, but not worth it next time)


I was also in need of two additional coffees today, which I just drank black. Certainly not my best day, but as I said, calling it a success, as in the past, a day like today would have lead to a lot of emotional eating. I was able to clearly identify all of the emotions I was experiencing and tell myself that getting ice cream would not solve any of them. Instead, I chose to walk a little extra and ended up with 23,000 steps for the day!


It is going to be a few weeks of stress with all the water damage and floor replacing, so I am going to have to work extra hard and providing my body with the good food it deserves. 


NSVs for the day:


  • Walked 23,000 steps
  • Did not take the sample of cake at the coffee shop this afternoon
  • Stepped away from the wine even though a glass would have been great tonight
  • Made time to visit a friend who just had surgery even with all the craziness at home
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Mid-day check in for me, as I will be getting home pretty late and will want to go straight to bed. Turns out that maybe the leak issue is not 100% fixed, so, yet another rough day. I just do not have the capacity to deal with this and a fairly stressful job. However, I am pleased that I have not turned to food for comfort.


Breakfast: eggs (2) baked in tomato and kale sauce with homemade mayo on top

Lunch: tuna salad salad with homemade mayo, apple and olive oil

Mini-meal: roasted veggies and walnuts

Dinner: TBD, I help out at a cooking class venue, so when I am there, I eat whatever the chef prepares. There is almost always meat and veggies though. For example, I helped last week and was able to have an entire chicken breast with arugula salad (skipped the pasta salad, dessert and wine). I am hoping tonight is similar.

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Another mid-day check in. Last night went 90% well. I was correct that there would be something for me to eat. Dinner was grilled steak, roasted asparagus and arugula salad. I said no thanks to the wine, but could not resist dessert...however, here is the upside, I only had one. I am not usually a "just have one dessert" person, but I held it together, even though I wanted more. It was definitely an eye opener that I have a serious sugar dragon that does not take much to re-awaken. If I can stay away from it completely, I have no problem in terms of cravings, but the second I take a bite or two I just want more.


Breakfast: 2 egg scramble with peppers, onions, broccoli and carrot ginger dressing + 1/2 apple

Snack: larabar (I was pretty hungry, but after eating it, realized I probably could have waited the hour for lunch, because now lunch does not seem so necessary)

Lunch: tuna salad salad from yesterday, but with added avocado


We are going to an alumni event from 5-6:30 tonight. I am hoping for some fruit and veggie trays to at least hold me over until I get home. Sometimes these events do have other foods I can eat though, so I may be able to get a full dinner out of it.


Going into a 3-day holiday weekend is causing some anxiety, but I know I can get through it. We are having a birthday brunch on Sunday for my brother, and I have already scoped out the menu, which does have compliant options with a few modifications. 

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Day 7 was yesterday, not so great, but certainly not a disaster. I had a wonderful day overall though. First day in a while with few plans, so I was finally able to just relax and enjoy the great weather we are having.


Breakfast: 2 egg scramble with peppers, onions, broccoli and carrot ginger dressing. After breakfast I went to our neighborhood farmers market and took a sample or two of non-compliant foods. Usually I am great about staying away from that stuff, but struggled yesterday.

Lunch: I had a picnic with a friend and brought my own food. Roasted kale salad with hard boiled eggs (2), apple, radish and carrot ginger dressing. I also had bought pickles at the farmers market for us to share. They were delicious, but I know the brine had sugar in it.

Snack: watermelon from the fruit lady outside our house

Dinner: My parents were in town, and this is where things got tricky. The actual dinner I ordered was compliant - roasted 1/2 chicken (which I ate a little over half of), roasted sweet potato and mushrooms. However, as we were waiting for everyone to arrive of course they wanted apps...sweet and spicy roasted nuts....which were incredible and I ate way too many of. One bite should have been enough to taste, or better yet nothing at all, but I went overboard.


Needless to say, I am waking up feeling a little bloated today, but luckily nothing like a headache or mental fog. We are going out to brunch this morning for my brothers birthday, and there are 3-4 compliant choices on the menu. The key will be saying no thanks to anyone who offers a bite of their dishes to try. I am determined to get through today 100% compliant. I had 6 good days in a row and wanting to get back on the horse.


I just have to keep reminding myself that I am worth it and that I deserve good a healthy food. I also learned during my Whole30 that the only thing I really miss and think is worth the consequences is ice cream...everything else sweet and carb-y is just not as good.

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Successful day here!


Started off with birthday brunch for my brother - I ordered the tuna nicoise salad, dressing on the side and no potatoes. While potatoes are fine, I knew I would be having them with dinner, so decided to skip for brunch. The success here was skipping the dessert and drinks!


Since we had brunch, lunch was more of a snack - larabar, leftover roasted kale and radishes, 1/4 palm roasted chicken


Dinner - I made an amazing salad with lettuce, avocado, tomato, apple and pecans. I drizzled olive oil over top and had roasted sweet potatoes on the side.

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So.... sounds like you're eating pretty well.  What it doesn't sound like, to me, is a Whole10.  Which is totally your call -- you were looking for specific things, which I think you are getting.  Just noting that it's not really Whole if it's not really Whole, you know?


Something else I'm noticing is that you are hungry pretty quickly after breakfast.  This happens to me when I only have eggs; they just don't fill me up all that well.  I find that life works far better if I have an ounce of something with more protein like chicken, beef, or pork.  Usually I just chop up whatever leftover protein is in the house.  I also find that I function far better with some grapefruit in me.  No idea why grapefruit in particular works for me, but it's worth changing some of your breakfast foods to see if there is something that would work better for you. 


It also sounds to me like wine, dessert, and other sugary stuff are all major triggers for you.  I am blessed with a very limited taste for alcohol, but share your love of desserts and sweets.  Still, as I continue on this journey, I am finding ways to satisfy my love of sweet things without hurting my body.  This time of year, it's so easy with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and melon.  If you really want a treat, try grilling a banana sliced in half lengthwise.  (Later in the year, try the same thing with peach slices.)  Maybe there are things that are still fantastic and you feel like you are treating yourself -- and you are also treating yourself well?


ThyPeace, not trying to be pushy, just noting what I see.

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Its been a few days since I posted, but wanted to write some things down to remind myself in the future about what I am feeling. First off, yesterday was great:


Breakfast: 2 egg scramble with broccoli and turnips

Snack: raw bar

Lunch: leftover blueberry turkey meatballs with roasted carrots and asparagus

Dinner: baked jerk salmon with sauteed chard, onion and apples with guac on the salmon

Dessert: handful of blueberries


Today is my birthday! I ate my normal, healthy breakfast, but there were cupcakes brought to me at my morning meeting, so I had one...man, do I feel gross right now. Small headache and feeling super full, I think I will be waiting on lunch for a while. Trying not to feel guilty about eating it, it is my birthday, and I know I will hop right back on the healthy horse tomorrow, but I was not expecting such an immediate reaction!


My husband and I are going out to our favorite brunch spot on Saturday to celebrate my birthday and our wedding anniversary, which is next week. Needless to say, I have been planning that meal for a while and intend on going off Whole30 for it, however, I think today has shown me that the desserts are not worth it. There will be plenty of other, non-sugary food that will be just as much as a treat that I will not have such a strong reaction to (think omelette station, breakfast tacos, fried chicken).

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