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Started May 9th -looking for guide


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I started my first Whole 30 on May 9th.  before starting I read thru the website and as much other

info as I could find and really feel this was the right choice for me.  I was a pretty good eater but the

first week I felt like I had the stomach flu.  Getting rid of the toxins and inflammatory ick was no picnic

but I really feel much better now overall.  In prepping to start this journey I found, printed and lost a

great reference tool and can not seem to find it again.  It was a guide to making choices in different types

of food by category.  For example - nuts. "GOOD" almonds "BETTER" Cashews ""NO" Peanuts.  I really 

want to find it again and am hoping someone cha help me.

I really appreciate your help.


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Thank you Shannon,  I have gone thru the entire download section several times.  If is more of a choices guide

than a shopping list.  It listed all types of nuts, seeds, meats veggies etc.  Which one to have more and less frequently.

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This is the old shopping list, which I found by googling Whole30 shopping list -- it's no longer on the official downloads page, but I don't think there's anything on it that's not allowed -- it doesn't list potatoes on the vegetables, which used to not be allowed but now are, but I think that's the only thing that would have changed. It looks more like what you're describing.

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