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Starting tomorrow, May 24th!!


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Hi! My name is Rita, 36, mother of two, from Portugal. I already eat pretty clean, but I have a sweet tooth and can't stop eating chocolate! Being from southern Europe, we eat mostly healthy stuff, what people call Mediterranean diet, lots of grilled fish and meat, veggies, fruits, rice, and not that much processed stuff.


Last year, while on vacation, I lost 3 kg (approx. 6.6 pounds) in 30 days by following a primal lifestyle (Mark Sisson's blog and book are fantastic!). I'm pretty active physically, I practice and teach yoga, work full time, walk a lot and do fun stuff, and, overall, I'd say I'm fit and healthy...


However... I really need to lose those last, stubborn 3-4 kg (6-8 lbs) and I've always suffered from spring allergies. This year, I've been feeling really bad due to my allergies. I want to stop eating diary to see if it gets better.


So, my goals for my first Whole30 are, of course, to lose weight (3 kg is enough!) and to get my allergies under control. Hopefully, other benefits will follow, such as a clearer skin, more energy, better sleep and so on...


I'm both excited and terrified. I'm afraid I'm gonna fail... I've tried so many times to go on diets, but the only time it worked was last year, when I lost 3 kg... and even then I ate chocolate occasionally (and dark chocolate every single day!).


Well... let's see! I bough the Whole30 book I signed up for the Whole30 Daily! My meal plan for tomorrow is done, everything is prepared! Let's do this!

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