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I am so excited to began this new chapter of my life


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Love your posts! I'm a newbie struggling to break my addictions to certain foods! Thank you for putting it out there!

keep your chin up, this does get easier.  Keep your eyes front.   Today was so much better. I know that each day is better.  (and posting really really helps). 

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so yesterday was a bad day for me, it was really tough with the hormonal crap.  It was bad day with food, I didnt eat anything non-compliant. I had to force myself to eat.   


I love to cook, so that is what I did to get out of my funk.  I made ketchup.  Yes, and for dinner I had a hamburger pattie on bed of mixed greens, chopped tomatoes, carrots, etc.  

I also had baked french fries, and homemade ketchup.  


I didnt feel like I cheated, I really had no sense of guilt or emotion towards what I was eating.  In previous 'diets' (which is die with a cross), I would have felt guilty for what I would have construed as cheating although everything was compliant, nutritious and part of my plan.


I will celebrate that as NSV!!!!


Go Tina Go Tina! 


The hubby is going through the no wanting of food today, but he is still trying to eat. Its hard. 


I am so proud of him. 


Anyway, its Friday Night, I sit in the back of my little shop waiting for the clock to hit 7 so we can close up.  Its been a long week and I think my bed is calling me.  

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I made it to day 15!  This has been an incredible journey so far. 


This morning, I put on shorts that I have not worn in almost a year!   These are only 1 size from where I was if you use the illogical numbering system that women's clothes has forced upon us. 


That may not sound like much but - I started this as a size 16 and was really pushing the boundaries of that.  These shorts are on the smaller size of 14 so although it is technically only 1 size down, it feels like 2 so that is what I am going to celebrate. 


My husband just told me that he is struggling to keep his jeans up, that's a tough position to be in... NOT. 


This weekend, we smoked ribs in the smoker, cooked up some collard greens and toasted some "rice" - it was a FEAST...   


Today is left overs from the weekend - so good.  


Thank you Whole30 for giving me my life back

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Today is day 16, I find myself still struggling to eat during the day. Not enough, just eat.  I am so turned off by food, I don't know. 


The good side is I wont cheat this way....   


I have found that encouraging the new folks helps me stay focused.  Thanks Newbs. 


Made it through a tropical storm yesterday unscathed, no damage to the house, cars, or business - thats good news.  In the past, we would have ordered chinese delivery and made some poor driver wade through ankle deep water a torrential down pour to bring me unhealthy food. 


Not saying chinese food is unhealthy, but when you are eating 2 eggrolls, pasta noodles and deep fried wings.... that is unhealthy. 


We are traveling out of town this weekend, I am going to bring a lot of items with me but certainly concerned about eating out for the first time. 

Also have to perform a wedding the following weekend, lots of family present, its going to be a challenge but I am going to prep and be prepared. 


I know I can do this!

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This is the beginning of day 18. The desire to eat is still a struggle, I am just not interested in eating. The only thing I want to eat is bananas.  

Will this change or have I changed so much that I am now ready to eat to live rather than living to eat?

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