Another Whole30 to get back on track


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Feeling really tired lately, and not sleeping so well. Need to get off sweet treats and back to real foods (too much chocolate!). Feeling to big around the middle, even though my weight isnt bad, and is pretty stable.


Day 1, I decided is today. 

Meal 1:hot water with lemon, leftover chicken, roasted cauliflower "tabbouleh" (fresh sparsely,chives and mint!), herbal tea

during Hot yoga, drank coconut water diluted with ice

mid-day, while making food: peach,  6 cherries

Meal 2: ginger-zucchini soup with chicken, more "tabbouleh", small slice of beef, plantain chips

Meal 3: more soup, beef, cherries


Need more veggies, but wasn't terribly hungry so I guess I ate enough! (especially for a hot yoga day)


Good things about today:  I did not have a banana. I did good in yoga. I prepared some food with all those veggies I bought today - including homemade sauerkraut that is happily fermenting....


Getting ready for bed, hopefully to sleep.



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Day 2: lemon water,nettles-peppermint tea,baked salmon w/mayo topping,wilted baby spinach and kale,peach,coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2: zucchini soup with chicken,cauliflower tabbouleh,plantain chips

Meal 3: 3 eggs with canned mushrooms cooked in palm shortening,peach (full)

Relax and Renew yoga

Extra meal: Zucchini soup with chicken

Time for bed!

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Feel good today. Slept well last night.

Worked on my garden. Went to art class.

Meal 1: lemon water, chicken,romaine and scallion salad w/ evoo and lime juice,coffee w coc cream

Peach, banana-strawberry-bluberry coconut cream, and baby kale from my garden smoothie

Meal 2: chicken, roasted cauliflower

Chopped chicken liver(homemade, just had to taste it!),jicama slices


Meal 3:chicken(I know!too much chicken, but I need to cook more meat tomorrow), roasted cauliflower,jicama,roasted carrots,plantain chips

I need to bake the sweet potatoes tomorrow as well.

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woke up around 1:30, had trouble falling asleep again.

Still, got a lot done. Only had time for 15 min walk.

Meal 1: lemon water, last bit of leftover beef, roasted purple and orange cauliflower, roasted carrot,peach

strawberry-blueberry-banana-baby kale smoothie w/coc cream (it was very hot again today)

Meal 2: leftover cranberry beef,cauliflower

Plantain chips

Meal 3: ground beef with carrots-onions-celery-garlic, roasted brussel sprouts, a few cherries, nettles-peppermint tea. Full.

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Had an orange before bed last night.

Day 5?Guess I skipped "kill all the things" day!

Walk, yoga, walk


Didn't end up eating till later in the morning, just was not hungry, and very busy.

Meal1:leftover ground meat and veggies, chicken bone broth soup w veg and gizzards

Over the afternoon tasted food:2 chicken legs, beef,last handful of cauliflower,soup,a few plantain chips,Brussels sprouts, broccoli, chopped liver

Meal 3 will be:chicken soup with lots of veg,chicken, beef, sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, fresh veg, maybe cherries.

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Day 6: chicken legs, coffee w coconut cream (iced!), Brussels sprouts

m 2: pineapple, honeydew, baked salmon, spinach-daikon radish salad, blueberries, watermelon (at a friend's for lunch, this was all I could eat of the food)


m 3: chicken legs, plantain chips, Brussels sprouts, beef

walked 2 miles total

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m 1: beef, brussels sprouts, herbal tea

m 2: sweet potato, palm shortening, beef, last few sprouts

baby kale, banana, blueberry, strawberry, coc cream smoothie

coffee w/coc cream

m 3: rib steak, romaine, avocado, cuke salad w/ homemade olive oil-lemon juice dressing,broccoli

30 min walk in p.m.


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Walked yesterday,and did some yoga at home.

Day 9, m1:

Peach, herbal tea (yes, another not hungry but busy morning)

M 2: ground beef and veg, sweet potato, radishes from my garden, broccoli, coffee w coc cr

M 3: cherry chicken legs, radishes, romaine, radish greens, cuke salad with homemade dressing,broccoli, watermelon

Walk, yoga, walk

Snack: Plantain chips, chopped liver, baby carrots, jicama

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Too many plantain chips.

Walked along the reservoir. Nice day for it! Low back hurts, so I'm limping a little.

Day 10,wish I could skip the "I'm ready to quit" days like the "kill all the things"day. Oh well. At least

I know why I feel this way, and I can ignore the sweet things calling me.

Good things(non-scale victories):

No dried fruit, sleeping better,belly flatter. Ate at friend's house and I didn't take anything other than fish, salad and fruit. Made a plan for things to accomplish this summer each day.

M 1: fried sardines with fried garlic, wilted baby kale, avocado oil,coffee w coc cream. Blueberry,banana,peach baby kale smoothie

M 2: cherry chicken legs,1/2 white sweet potato,radishes,cukes,plantain chips

M 3: maybe have gingered summer squash-cauliflower soup(no zucchini at the store) with chicken

Art class tonight!

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Had a Larabar, pecan pie, yesterday while out shopping. Didn't expect to be out so long...

Must stop eating plantain chips unless I make them. The package ones are too easy to overeat. No brakes at all!!

So, no Whole30 is "perfect", but I am learning where I can improve myself and diet. NSV!

Day 11?

M1: summer squash-cauliflower soup with chicken. Herbal tea.

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Day 11,continued:

M2: beef, broccoli,straw an blueberry banana baby kale smoothie

M3: beef, fried okra, roasted sweet potato...decaf w coc cream,cashews, watermelon

Craving and possibly still hungry, so I ate ok things and that seemed to do it.

Walked 2 miles at least, and took an Epsom salt bath, and got a massage today. The low back was hurting again for a few days, and it is starting to feel better slowly.

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Last night: hot carob w coc cream

Day 12: decaf/coc cream, yoga

Back feels better, yay!

M 1: beef,okra,spring mix salad w/dressing,sweet potato

M 2: beef,last bits of salad, plantain chips,chicken leg

Peach, more beef, radish,chicken soup

M 3: will be: chicken soup, beef,bbq chicken leg, sweet potato, broccoli, watermelon, cherries

Taking a short walk now.

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Day 13: chicken leg, peach

Walk 1 mi

Blueberries, tiny chunk of honeydew

M2: chicken leg, beef, broccoli, white sweet potato, spring mix,radishes,watermelon

Snack:banana, sunbutter, decaf w coc cream,beef

M3: smoked fish, spring mix

Day 14: M1: egg and canned mushrooms complete cooked in coconut oil, fresh chives and flowers, peach.

Notice I was feeling like "killing all the things" ! Kept my cool, but it wasn't easy. Then I realized I was hungry again,so had

M 2: beef, sweet potato,avocado and parsley,broccoli

Smoothie: frozen blueberries,1/2 banana,small avocado,coconut cream,baby kale

Felt much better

Walk, yoga,walk

M3: roasted brussel sprouts,beef, white sweet potato,cherries

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M1: fried sardines, Brussel sprouts,herbal tea, kraut,sweet potatoes


M2: leftover steak! Brussels sprouts,sweet potatoes, kraut,peach

Smoothie: strawberry banana kale coc cream

M 3: boneless, skinless chicken, stir fry veg in coc oil,scallions, gingered-zucchini soup

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Day 16: fingerlings of right hand have been sore the past few days. Had to take some Aleve! Hoping it stops, dunno what is wrong. Otherwise, I feel good today - really good! Did hot yoga, too.

M 1: chicken, brussel sprouts,sweet potato

Pre-yoga: baby kale,banana,strawberry,coc dr smoothie w/ a bit of gelatin

Coconut water during yoga

M 2: ginger-zucchini soup w/chicken

M 3: study patties,salad greens,olive oil, lemon juice,kraut

Peach, cherries, herbal tea

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Got hungry last night and couldn't sleep so ate a banana and coconut manna. That stuff is so good! Never had it before. Didn't sleep so well, but got up early so I guess I slept enough.

Day 17, m 1: 3 eggs, Coco oil,fish patty, brussel sprouts,kombucha and a smoothie: kale,strawberry, banana,coco cr, mango,gel


M2: ground beef w sauteed veggies

M3: zucchini - cauliflower soup with 1/2 white sweet potato

Munching on plantain chips now.

Cooked a lot today, on my feet a lot too.

Feeling stressed, a lot to do in the next few days.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Screwed up!Went to lunch with my Mom, realized there was "soy sauce" in my steamed fish. Then I went to a wedding, and all bets are off. Who knows what was in that food? (It was good though...)

So I will restart when I get back from yet another trip out town, sometime next week. I really want to finish one Whole30 at least this summer, before my big trip overseas in August.

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