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TOM and Reintroduction


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Hi all,

Today is day 30 for me and I'm pretty excited to reintroduce foods. My goal was to reintroduce most foods prior to going to visit family next weekend and then do a small reset and finish real reintroduction in the week or so following that trip.

The problem is I just started my time of the month and it seems to be reeking havoc on my body. Pre whole30, I had very solid poos that got a little softer at the TOM and rarely had cramping or other issues. The only noticeable food effect was if I had dairy, it would cause extremely bad smelling farts.

During whole30, my regular poos softened up to what I think is normal for most people. But now my TOM just started and my poos are super soft and almost diarrhea. To add to the confusion, I had to eat out Sunday night while traveling. I had a steak, specifically asking not to be cooked in butter, steamed broccoli, and a sweet potato with just cinnamon. For the rest of the car trip home, I was very gassy but without as much smell as sometimes. I then had the first really soft poo yesterday morning and was gassy the rest of the day.

So now I don't know if it was something from the restaurant that was causing issues and after 2 days of clean eating, I can start reintroduction (like the normal reintro schedule) or if I should try to put it off since I'm already experiencing the things I would be watching for when reintroducing.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for any advice.

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