Kill all the things... but it's Day 24


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I liked the little "here's what to expect" chapter in the book, except that I didn't experience most of what was mentioned at the times that they were listed! However, I have about a week to go and I am irritable as HELL. There are lots of other things going on but it's kind of my usual deal of being super busy. I am getting tired of trying to figure out what to eat and all the stuff that was so delicious two weeks ago is just meh. Anyway, just wondering if the crankiness is part of the deal. I have definitely had some amazing results so far, my energy levels mainly.


And I am experiencing some nervousness about stopping, frankly... I have gone without my regular stops at the bakery and I'm a little worried about diving back into that routine, there's that huge candy dish at work and so forth. 


This too shall pass?


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Are you by chance near that time of the month? That could explain the crankiness.

Feeling kind of meh about the food is pretty typical, Just be sure you continue to eat three template meals anyway.

You don't have to go back to eating candy or stopping at the bakery. Do your reintroductions -- you might find your reactions to these things make it not worth it for you, at least not on a daily basis. It may not taste as good as you remember, might make you feel lethargic or fuzzy headed, or could even make you feel physically ill.

Hang in there, it will get better.

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