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6/1 Start Date: New excited adventures ahead


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Hello, Everyone!


I just graduated college and was fortunate to snag a job right after graduating. However, I will be moving far from my fiance and we don't have a set move date for him yet so I don't know when we will be together again as of right now :(


I decided to channel all of these emotions from scary changes of moving to a new place and not knowing anyone along with being upset from being away from my fiance in my health and start Whole30 June 1st. 


I will be living with four other people who I cannot convince to join me on this challenge so I might have some challenges with dinners. 


I am excited to be joining you on this journey!

Let's keep in contact so we can help support each other this month (I know I will need it!!!!) 



Does anyone have any suggestions for Whole30 with a family that doesn't participate?

Also, any successful quick and easy breakfast recipes? I love eggs but I just can't stand frozen-thawed egg recipes. 



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