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Just starting 2nd Whole30

Gramma Susie

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I finished my first Whole 30 about 2.5 years ago. It was wildly successful, losing 11 pounds during that time and another 10 in the five months past that sticking with many eliminations. Life took me over with illness and death of my dad, allowing gluten back a bit, and wine back a lot. My belly began to expand again and my emotional wellness diminished. I tried a hormone reset which I didn't really commit to, but learned some things about hormones and myself. So, here I am, making e 30-day commitment, in hopes I can sustain that commitment for life. Though I am not celiac, I know I can't eat gluten, but when family gathers around a Pizza and beer or wine, I found myself feeling deprived and irritable that I couldn't just throw caution to the wind and be like everyone else. Living without sweets isn't my problem. Living without the social nature of alcohol and ease of occasionally eating off track, made me feel like health food weirdo, even though I completely agree that you are what you eat. So...anyway, I am back and would love to hear from anyone with thoughts, ideas, encouragement, caution, or just commiseration with letting go of some fun things and how you got past it. Having said all that--it truly is great to be back.

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