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I will begin whole30 June 1st 2016, with that said since you all know what lies ahead how can I balance all the changes on top of following a training schedule? I currently use a planner to map out my runs & cross train days & use my fitness pal to make sure i stay on track (although some weekends I enjoy a bit extra). 

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How much to eat

This is your eating plan. Read and follow this closely. Do not check what you are eating in My Fitness Pal because counting calories and tracking macros is not a part of the Whole30. Our experience is that you will crap up what you are doing by relying on MyFitnessPal. 
You will lose speed and endurance in the early weeks of a Whole30 if your body is not already fat adapted. There is no hack to get around this. Accept it and after a few weeks, your performance will return and you will likely start setting new PRs if you are following the meal template guidelines. 
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