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My Whole30 journey - hoping its a smooth one


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Hi I'm Emma and I live in Scotland. 


Today is day 2 and I'm really not feeling it ... I don't know why but I just feel crap today!!


Up until I moved in with my boyfriend a year ago I had a very healthy diet because I only had good foods in my house. I cooked most of my meals from scratch, exercised daily and drank plenty of water. I would have eaten out twice a week but wouldn't make a pig of myself. Now that I'm living with someone else I feel that I have just lost complete control of my diet. I'm not blaming anyone for this as I am an adult and I put the food in my mouth but something has certainly changed. I still cook from scratch but we eat out way more than we should - before I could go to a restaurant and have a main course now if I'm in a restaurant I want 3 courses. I should state that I am a food blogger and try to eat out twice a week for that purposes (clearly the blog is taking a back seat for my Whole30) but I find we are eating out more and more and I'm just not eating good food. So that's why I decided to do the Whole30 - just to get back to eating healthy foods again. 


So technically the foods that I have eaten on Day 1 are really no different to what I would normally eat when I'm cooking but I just seem to be mentally struggling - I can't put it into words. The eggs on day 1 for breakfast just made me so queasy and when I got up on day 2 (today) I waited for 2 hours to eat cause I just couldn't face eggs and now I'm sitting here typing I'm just feeling queasy after eating my eggs. Lunch and dinner were fine yesterday and I didn't have any cravings.


Sorry for the whinge, but I'm hoping by getting it out I might feel a little bit better.

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