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Need help getting started!


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I just started Whole30 yesterday and so right now I am very excited about  it.  I know though that the time will come when I will feel like you are feeling and that makes me anxious.  But I am worth it and so are you!!!  I am making a promise to myself to read something everyday to keep myself motivated, whether it's the program book or some other book about how bad food can destroy my health.  There are good choices when eating out..just make them and enjoy the experience of being this amazingly healthy person because of them.  You are worth it...don't ever forget that!!!

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I found the easiest way to start... was to just start. I had been playing around with the idea in my head and kept pushing it off because of social events, holidays, ect. Then one day, I just WTH am I doing? I am starting tomorrow. And I did. And I finished 30 days later. :) 


I think not giving myself an "out" or another day before I started was essential to my success. Although, I already eat pretty clean so I was lucky I didn't have to recipe hunt, shop for compliant ingredients, ect it was more about giving up alcohol for me. 


As for cooking and preparing  - the best way for me is to make sure I know what I am going to have before I leave for work in the morning. Otherwise, dinner rolls around, I am are hungry, and the last thing I want to do is figure out what is compliant that I can cook. Also, freeze some meals (ground beef and veggies, pork to add to eggs ect) so you can always grab something easy if push comes to shove! 


Eating out - It is okay to eat out - so if you don't want to cook every day for 30 days that is okay! Just work through those hurdles of being compliant while eating out! Mexican is my favorite, so my boyfriend and I would go out during Whole30 and order fajitas with extra meat, veggies and guac. We also would ask they just don't bring the tortillas, beans, rice ect so the temptations aren't even there! Plus a lot of Mexican restaurants squeeze their own lime juice  which you can add to your club soda and let me tell you it tastes nearly as good as a margarita! 


Specialty or street taco joints are great too! Just order a taco that is compliant (no cheese, diary-based creams, ect) and eat the good stuff with a fork and leave the tortilla behind :)  


Most importantly, know you can do this and you deserve this!!! Good luck! 

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