Huge but educational mistake

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I had a small surgery yesterday. For some reason afterwards I wanted to give myself "treats." Just back into the old habit of food as a reward/coping mechanism I guess. So I ate a cheeseburger and a large amount of chocolate chip cookies all with wheat flour which I know from my reintro makes me feel bad. Well my body let me know what she thinks about that because I spent the whole evening throwing up! I feel so dumb for telling myself the lie that it wouldn't be "that bad" but at the same time I feel the experience taught me a valuable lesson about sticking with good choices.

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Sorry you were sick, but I appreciate your post.  The same thing happened to me.


I successfully finished my Whole30 and promptly ate a piece of cake.  The trifecta of badness: sugar, wheat and dairy (cream cheese frosting)  I already knew sugar and wheat didn't agree with me.  I was sick all day and into the night.


So, now I'm back on track. Whole30 is really the perfect way to eat for me. I will be adding small amounts of beans now and then because I don't eat red meat.  I feel stronger and have learned fat is my friend.


I eat avocados and eggs most days.  I may slip now and then, but not with cake. I know how that feels.


Here's to health!

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