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Just learned I have candida and leaky gut... June 1 Whole 60 here I come.


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Hi all!


Yesterday I got some stunning results from my blood and stool tests at the functional medicine doctor. I have candida overgrowth, leaky gut, and food allergies to some things I'm really sad about, including banana, broccoli, and eggs. In addition I am very sensitive to gluten, wheat, mushrooms, and all dairy. So I was put on a diet for 60 days that is almost completely whole 30 minus eggs, and very little sugar (even fruit) due to the candiasis, with a couple supplements including garlic and probiotics. 


I was on this forum before because I tried to start a whole 30 a year or two ago, and couldn't hack it. But this time, with scientific proof these things are making me feel terrible and giving me my chronic migraines, there is no way I can't follow through!! 

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