Day 12, LOVING this program!


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I have to admit I was reluctant to jump in to something that promised so much and also took away so much of what I thought of as "my life.' Yes, my life had become so much about the fast food soft serve ice cream on the way home from work most afternoons, the "freedom" to pick up a cookie and stuff it in my mouth during the afternoon slumps.  The bottle of Redd hard cider a few evenings a week, and my precious half--n-half EVERY morning with my coffee. In a moment of clarity, I reluctantly admitted there was a problem if these habits had come to define ME. I've done Weight Watchers off and on for years, so I felt that I wasn't being "good", unless I was writing down every bite and tallying up the points. I would do it religiously most ever Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday....well you might know rest of the story.  It was a very all or none diet.   My relationship with food had become very sick.


Also in that moment, I realized that this program offered a chance to decrease the number of medications I was gradually building to my morning repertoire. I am a healthcare professional, and almost every week, I get some new study about the longterm negative effects of proton pump inhibitors, designed to manage stomach acidity/reflux disease.  In addition to the Prilosec, I was also taking a diuretic, as needed a couple of times a week to kick start my kidneys into releasing the fluid in my legs and feet. Ibuprofen had caused a significant amount of damage in my stomach, so when the muscle/join pains were too much to let me sleep well, I was resorting to a Vicodin...more and more frequently.  Geez, I'm ONLY 57.


So any how, this morning of Day 12, I get up, wanting to sing.  Except for 4 cough drops I had to have in the middle of 4 different nights, I have been completely sugar-, grain-, dairy, legume, free.  I have also avoided all those other nasty additives that are prohibited, including is EVERYWHERE!!! I wake up, lie in bed and "test" all the owwies I was waking up with 2 weeks ago.  Foot check....plantar fasciitis...all but gone; no, I didn't wake up with indigestion in the middle of the night, actually I didn't wake up at all; lower back...its MOVING FREELY! pain, no "noise."  (Wow, is this really my body?) The chronic tension in my neck /shoulders has dissipated.  I'm wide awake and thinking clearly instead of feeling like I have a food hangover.  Yeah, the cream in my coffee is not seeming like such a big deal now.


I'm sometimes amazed when I realized the siren call of sugar has been silenced.  I don't even THINK about those soft serve ice cream cones in afternoon traffic any more. I was at a going away party this week at work and the theme was ice cream floats; I attended and just hung out on the other side of the room.  I wasn't particularly tempted and the world did NOT come to a grinding halt on its active when I did not have any.


Except for a headache the afternoon of Day 2 and a 24 hour run of indigestion on Days 5-6 (managed with gaviscon) I've had nothing but smooth sailing.


In the immortal words of James, Brown....I feel GOOD!!!


Happy Friday everybody! 



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That's amazing! Not even halfway through and it sounds like already your life is changed. Just think of how you'll feel on day 30!

I'm also on day 12 and feel the best I've ever felt. I started Whole 30 because I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks a few weeks ago. I get migraines anyway, and the plummeting hormones made me have them nearly 24/7 for about 3 weeks. Plus I was eating my feelings and used the m/c as an excuse to "treat" myself to junk food and an unhealthy amount of alcohol. I was miserable. A few women in my infertility support group did a Whole 30 and got pregnant soon after. I decided to give it a go as a way to be in the best health possible next time we try for a baby.

I wear a Fitbit and noticed my RHR has plunged from around 80 to 63 BPM since I started. I have more focus at work and energy, even enough to go to the gym before work most mornings. That never happened before! Aside from a faint 2-day detox headache I've had zero signs of migraines. Sleep the first week was rough but I'm now sleeping deeper than ever. I love the food I'm eating and barely even think about the junk food I thought I couldn't live without. I can't wait to see what day 30 brings!

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Hi!  I'm on Day 12, too, and feeling super.  I'm waking with a clear head after nine ( ! ) hours of sleep each night, my energy stays pretty constant throughout the day, and the sugar cravings are GONE.  That one amazes me, as it means I don't even crave diet coke, which has been with me every day for forty years.  For that alone, I'm grateful for this program.  Not sure if the weight is coming off-- I don't see many changes in the mirror, but as of today, I'm upping my exercise, so we'll see.  So glad to have found this!

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Hungry Bunz...I'm so sorry about your loss. I think taking care of yourself nutritionally is a great idea right now.  Tonight I'm experiencing some of the happiness  high I've read about.  It feels good after having been super-stressed and in a bit of funk over much of the past year. Here's sending you of little of those positive {{{{{vibes}}}}}.


Woo-hoo Knappo!!!   clear headed rocks. Have you noticed your clothes fitting differently?  I've been walking and being generally more active for the past few days and found a previously snug pair of slacks actually felt a little lose in the waist today.  I could stand to lose 60 pounds, but I really am at the point of just wanting to (continue to) feel good and I believe that will drive the increase in activity and better eating habits.


Keep the faith!  On to Day 13~



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