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Sleep Question

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Can someone help me understand recent changes with my sleep schedule? 


Almost always, I go to bed about 9:30 and have alarm set for 5:00.


In the past,  I would always have to hit snooze a time or two before dragging out of bed. 


The first week of W30, I would wake up fine or even a few minutes before 5:00.

But the past week, I'm on day 13, I've been waking up at 3:30am or 4:00am and am usually starving!  Like stomach pain hungry!


Sometimes I can go back to bed but twice I've had to have a small compliant something to be able to go back to sleep. 


I eat breakfast at 5:00,  lunch at 11:00 and then dinner about 5:00.  I'm trying really hard to not snack between meals and for past week or so have been able to be w/out snacks (a huge change as I was a grazer before starting W30 program). 


I am not hungry when I go to bed.   I have very little caffeine (maybe 1/2c of coffee in morning).  I have no issues falling asleep.  


Any ideas? Should I have a snack in mid afternoon and try to have a later dinner?  Or have a snack in evening? Or, will this pass?  



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