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Started 16 May (and discovered this forum 27 May!)


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I started the Whole30 food plan on 16 May. I'm finding it surprisingly easy to follow - but on day 8 I did have a hilarious dream, where I was stuffing an entire chocolate fudge cake into my mouth, with both hands!!  :blink: 


I feel so much better! I have had so many people say to me 'gosh, you look well, what's your secret?' over the last week, you wouldn't believe it.


I live with my 2 daughters and they are half doing this with me, without having any idea about it at all! I just add rice, pasta, bread or something like it to their meal and they don't notice. In fact, one commented that they had noticed I'd been doing 'proper cooking' recently and she likes it.


Roll on the next 19 days!

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Hi sls1365,

Nice to read your post.

Glad things are going well for you.

Yes, I am finding it easy to follow, too.

The first  5 days I did not feel well, (sluggish insides) but I knew it would pass.

Day 6 I noticed the difference first thing in the morning.

Day 7, even better plus more energy.

Today I actually feel thinner on the inside, but the mirror does not agree.

I am planning to go 39 days because that is when I have a doctor appointment and can weigh.

Today is my Day 8.

Wonder if I will have a chocolate dream, too?


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