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minor surgery scheduled for day 28 - pain relief advice?

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hey there - 


i have a minor surgery scheduled for day 28 of my whole30 (should have been day 30, but i ate sugar on day 2 and had to start over). 


there will be topical anesthetic - lidocain - and then i anticipate needing tylenol or advil, though i don't think the doctor will recommend anything stronger than OTC. will be a shallow cyst removal in upper back, possibly requiring stitches but possibly not. 


please offer any thoughts on whether it is ok to take tylenol; if i have alternative options; if one type of OTC pain relief is better than another. 


thank you!

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Tylenol is fine. Doctor's orders trump whole30 rules, so whatever he tells you to take is fine.

If Tylenol is enough to help your pain, it is a better choice than ibuprofen from the standpoint of gut health.

Hope your surgery goes well.

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