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Researching first for picky eaters...


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We are looking at the Whole30 program to start soon, but I need some advice.

My husband has an aversion to anything creamy or with vinegar in it. Any salad dressings are out and he doesn't like avocados. We call him "condimentally challenged". :)

I want to be supportive and just prepare our food the same way, but how to get good fats with no salad dressings? He just likes his salads dry.

Thanks for the help, and forgive me if I posted this in the wrong place!

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Does he like olives? They're a good fat source. You could use nuts and seeds occasionally, though it's best to limit them. Maybe cook fattier cuts of meat, and be sure you cook everything in oil, rather than steaming it. If you can find compliant bacon, it would be a fat source. Would he eat soup as a side with some meals? Creamy blended soups with coconut milk added could be an option. Curries cooked with coconut milk.

If it's just the creaminess and the vinegar he objects to, would he just add some olive oil over veggies or salads, or something like chimichurri sauce or pesto? (I'm on my phone so it's hard to link stuff, but if you google whole30 plus either of those you'll find recipes)

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