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Barby's Second Whole 30


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So I am on day 5 of my second Whole 30. I wanted to journal this one but up until now have not found the time to get on here and do is, which is why I am starting on day 5.


My first W30 when well, felt terrific! By week 3 my pain from arthritis was managed by only 2 Advils per day. I was taking 8 before W30. I had lost 7 pounds. Could have done better by my affinity for nuts and cashew butter got the best of me. My goal for this W30 is to completely avoid nut butters as I have no control with them.


I have found that I cannot manage on just 3 meals a day. I know that my meals are not large enough, but I do get full from small meals and I do not want to stuff myself. Also, if I don't eat enough I do not sleep at all which causes a problem of me eating something right before bed. I need to get away from that.


Starting with today I am going to really focus on just 3 meals starting with a larger breakfast than normal.


meal 1: 2 eggs, sausage (have a great butcher in town with clean sausage!) roasted roots, and a green veggie (not sure which one yet). I figure that between the eggs and sausage I have the fat covered.


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So today is day 6.


I started my morning with by finishing off my roasted sweet potatoes in the fridge at 5 am. It was only a few bites but it held me over until I got around to making breakfast at 7:30 am. Two poached eggs on cauliflower rice. Delicious!


Last night I made carnitas with some wild boar I bought at the local butcher. Came out terrific! I think I may stick to pork though. The boar was too rich ~ and expensive. Served it up with some Kale & brussel sprouts slaw, and avocado salsa - terrific meal. Today I plan to make ghee. My first attempt burned so I bought some at Trader Joe's and its nearly gone. I am ready to try again.


I do have a problem with eating all day long. I am a chronic snacker an I would like to get away from that. 3 meals does not work for me either as I typically get up at 3 am, start work at 6, get home around 4 - 4:30. I eat breakfast as soon as I get in to the office 6 am. Lunch around 11:30. Dinner around 5:30, so there is a long span between meals. I cannot push up lunch because I am typically in meetings or conference calls at 10 am, so I have to have some sort of a snack to hold me until lunch. It would be nice to push lunch out later so I could get to the gym on my actually lunch break at 11 ish then eat at my desk after.  I need to figure this out.

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Congrats on Round 2!  You're an inspiration of how well this works and how to adjust while still staying compliant.  Love your attitude that you WILL figure this out.


Thank you for the encouragement!

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Haven't been able to post, just too darn busy. Last night I broke my W30! Starting over tomorrow. Sheesh. I just could not get full with my compliant foods and wound up eating a little bread and ghee, a small bag of chips, and a dark chocolate bar!  None of it was really worth it. It tasted just so-so. The bag of chips used to be my go to - I LOVED THEM! I cannot say that now, they really did not do anything for me and I should have stopped before finishing the bag. It really was a hunger thing. I should have just made myself another meal, say a salad with chicken, or even a peach with a few sliced almonds on top. Not sure what made me do it, but here is the results of the bad food choice:

  1, made me pick up the "what the heck, I blew it" attitude which is why I ate my husband's dark chocolate bar

  2. gave me heart burn, took Alka Seltzer before bed

  3. all those simple carbs amped my up and I could not fall asleep. I had been up since 3 am. was still wide awake at 9:30 pm and wound up taking an Ambien to get to sleep.

  4. since today is now Day 0 for me, while I went for a nice fast walk I was thinking about having a glass of wine and a cupcake today while out running errands!


What a stupid thing to do!

  a. If I am going to slip plan it and eat something worthwhile to me, like the cupcake from the most amazing bakery where I live, not waste it on nasty old chips and a chocolate bar (I am not a chocolate fan - I LOVE vanilla!)

  b. Don't plan to continue the slip up just because today is day 0 for starting over! That doesnt do me any good!


So, I fought back by making me a terrific breakfast after my walk! 2 poached eggs over leftover asparagus with grilled baby romaine topped with toasted garlic slices! Truly gourmet and took me maybe 10 minutes to make - while I was hungry! So I am going to pack my lunch with me while I go shopping to avoid the temptation of having a glass of wine with lunch. Rather I will eat my compliant lunch in the parking garage at the mall, something I have done many times and does not bother me at all.


Instead of viewing day 0 as a free for all or as a day to splurge on my favorite temptations, I am going to treat it as a day to set myself up for success!

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Hi Barby,


I'm so encourage to read that on your first W30 you were able to cut back so much on the Advil. I have arthritis, too, and the first two weeks on W30 I thought the W30 was helping with the pain, but it comes and goes. I'm now trying one Advil twice a day, but often at night it's not enough. Still, I"m happy to say the pain hasn't been so bad that I've been driven to the opiods. 


Do you think there's anything in particular in your first W30 that helped with the pain? 


Good luck on your new Day One. You've done it before, you can do it again.

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