Starting June 1, 2016


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I was asked to join some friends on Whole30 on Jan 1 but I didn't have time to read up on it and then I got sick.  So, I've now borrowed the book from the library and have been able to at least somewhat prepare.  I just printed off some of the downloads for quick reference.  I'm doing this alone in real life, so I will certainly need support here. 


We are at a very stressful time of our lives right now and I've lost healthy eating and gained weight as a result.  Eating poorly, feeling poorly, and carrying around too much weight do nothing to help me deal with the stress in my life.  We are on a super tight budget so I'll be looking for seasonal foods and putting out the word that I will take extra off of people's hands.  After 9 months of unemployment (for my husband), people do tend to offer us stuff when they have extra, which can be good but often includes very unhealthy, processed junk.  My husband and kids tend to buy a lot of junk too.  I'm working part time at a job I absolutely love and homeschooling the younger two of my 4 daughters, age 8, 13, 16, and 20.     


I know I'm sensitive to gluten, corn and sugar.  They cause stiff, sore joints.  More recently I've begun having GI distress when I eat gluten containing foods.  I really need to clean up my diet and see if I have any other sensitivities contributing to my constant body aches.  Sugar is my biggest struggle as I really am a stress eater and I tend to want sweet when stressed.  


I look forward to getting to know people here and have the support of others who are doing/have done Whole30.  



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I'm starting June 1st also, AND I was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school!  I loved it.  I just got my Associate's of Science and am starting on a Bachelor's in biology.


I'm sort of doing the Whole30 alone.  My younger sister (16) said she'd do it with me, but I honestly don't know how committed she is.


I've been visiting the message boards every day since my decision, finding people who are also starting June 1st.  There's several great threads going!


We've got this! :)

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I'm so glad there are many of us doing this together!  Now, if I can just find time to get on here regularly.  I'm well set for day one anyway.  My husband is laughing at me, doesn't get why sugar in condiments is a problem.  I don't care.  Made my own mayo last night and it is delicious!  Used that to make egg salad for lunch.  Our ALDI had eggs for 49 cents a doz one day last week so I stocked up.  


Is there a place for us June 1 starters to check in?  I'm not seeing a thread like that and I have to leave for work in a few minutes.  I'll try to check back this evening.  


Be strong everyone, we can do this!

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I've started  and she's off.  My little pony will win this trial.. I promise. 

my first meal was my homemade sausage and 1 egg I made in my little egg maker. it sure did look funny but it was good.. 1 bottle of Lacroix and I'm happy until my next meal..  

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