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The sugar in medication how negative will it's effect be?

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I've read alot that whatever medication your doctor has precribed is OK to take.

I'm taking oramorph (which is liquid morphine) at the moment for the pain of a slipped disc(I really hate taking medication and want to be off it asap). It's liquid format and contains sugar. How much will this affect the 'science' of my whole 30?

Also I'm taking slippery elm to counterbalance the side effect of constipation (from the oramorph), is this OK?

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Sugar really depends on volume. If you're taking morphine, lack of morphine is likely to be more stressful than a little sugar!


Sugar isn't compliant but doctors orders trump Whole30, always :)


If you're allowed to take it with food, have some protein and fat to slow down the sugar absorption. Unless it's a huge cup of sugar, I think you'll be fine.


Make sure your doctor knows about the slippery elm, some things aren't meant to be combined.

Coconut oil would also counterbalance constipation, as would other healthy fats.


A chemist might be able to tell you what causes the constipation from the medication (some of the -ine meds cause constipation due to dehydration), you may be able to take magnesium, but confirm with your doctor/pharmacist.

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