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Cashew Ranch


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Starting tomorrow with my husband.  I understand the concept of not making substitutes during the 30 days and the psychological reasons why.  I have many raw, vegan and paleo friendly substitutes that I can make from back when I did a raw diet for a few months years ago and I would not use them for the very reasons stated in the guidelines. 


Cashew ranch could fall into this category but, it wouldn't be a psychological craving for us.  I know that my husband will better enjoy his salads if he can have this on it sometimes.  


From reading around this forum so far, making something creamy really comes down to an individuals personal cravings.


For example, I would never consider making some sweet treat with dates (except perhaps a sauce or dip that wasn't very sweet) because my sugar cravings are insane.  Or I would never make anything that substituted for a bread, wrap or roll.


Is there any other reason not to make a ranch dressing than a personal craving that needs to be overcome.



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Yes, this would be fine but you wouldn't want to eat it a lot because nuts and their products are to be limited... they're not a great source of fat due to their imbalanced omega 3/6 ratio and they can be notoriously hard on the stomach...

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