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I Did it I did it I did it! I effin' finished my first Whole 30! Second round begins June 1st!


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YEAY!!! Today is day 30 of my first Whole 30 and I am doing another round starting June 1st. 


Some things which REALLY helped me to stay on my Whole 30 were:  


*The Daily Newsletter... great info, great encouragement, and I wanted to press the "I made it, I have another day in the bank" button.

*The concept of Just for Today... I stayed focused on eating whole30 just for today, just this next meal...one day at a time, one meal at a time I climbed the Whole30 month.

*Preparation, preparation, preparation! This meant I actually SPENT TIME  planning meals, shopping and cooking my meals! How silly is it that I expect to be healthy, strong and well nourished but did not put in the time and effort to care for myself. I've started to see preparation of wholesome, nourishing foods as my foundation piece for self care, self love and self responsibility. It takes time and I'm worth it. 

* Trusting the process.


Some challenges I had were:


* I has gotten used to coping with my feelings by eating one or sometimes two! pints of ice cream per day/night and watching 10 hours of tv!  Not eating ice cream and not watching so much tv felt like losing a friend. But not really. In my heart and in my body I felt like SH** when I engaged in that coping mechanism.  During this whole30 I didn't do that...instead I got more involved with my social circle, focused on being of service and appreciating the good things in my life. I still watch too much tv but I am in baby steps and being gentle with myself and focusing on one thing at a time has been helpful for me. A quote I love is "I may not be where I want to be, but thank God I'm not where I used to be."


* Bathing suit shopping....I posted about that..and I survived that extremely triggering experience with grace and lots of good self love and self talk. I did NOT face plant into ice cream but walked out with three cute suits that looked good on my body. Perseverance, self love and trusting the process, being kind to myself and making sure my next meal was whole30 compliant.


* Visiting family. My old self would not have "made a fuss" or wanted to draw attention to my own needs by asking to go shopping for my whole30 meals. My family are absolutely supportive but I would not have wanted to "be a bother" by not eating what they are eating. It was a choice for my self, my health to go shopping and prepare compliant meals while with family. I remember the moment I decided to stand for myself and choose to go shopping to get chicken wings and broccoli.


The Whole30 has been about choosing love, real self love and care. It's been about giving myself permission to matter and my needs to be important. To myself. Because it's nobody else's job to take care of me. 



The reasons I am doing another month are:


* I am starting to feel GOOD and I want to incorporate other aspects of being loving and responsible for myself like sleeping 8-9 hours per night and regular exercise. I have fallen into other unhealthy habits while trying to cope with life...too much tv watching, not enough movement. This month I focused on my eating, next month I will be incorporating (lovingly and gently but firmly) exercise and more sleep as recommended by the Whole9.


* I'm having some health challenges..I think I have a hypothyroid and as I get that checked out I want to continue supporting my body with nourishing foods.


* I want to continue the healing process my body has started to undergo with the decrease in inflammation and increased energy.


*Bottom line...I am in the season in my life where I'm learning what it looks like to be lovingly responsible for my own well being. To treat myself as lovingly as I did my  child. To have healthy boundaries and coping mechanisms and to expect more for my life than to just survive.



So, please wish me strength to love myself well. As I wish you all good strength in your Whole30 journeys.









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I finished my first W30 on May 4, and am starting my second on June 1, too! I have been almost compliant since finishing, but am back to focusing on my weight. I definitely need another W30!

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Well Newbie, you did good for not coming here posting. You're a newbie and you finished the W30 without posting?   how did you manage that?  Congratulations and big hugs for saying you are worth it. Yes, we are worth Health. I don't know why we so many times put ourselves on a back burner or even out in the back yard... 


I loved reading what you feel and I am Praying and I have a successful JunebugW30, 2016 also:)   Congrats.. Hugs and Hallelujah


to me, there is no reason to stop..   because if you learned it, and you know how it feels to feel good. why inhale???  

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Truly love reading posts like this! It's so very encouraging to all of us who are starting out for the first...and or fifth time. 


I wish you true passion on your next leg of your journey. May you find and enjoy every moment of who you are supposed to be!


Cheers! (with water, of course!)

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