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Hello Everyone, 


So I've decided to start a Whole 90 as of today!! :) I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Long story short, I've done a whole 30 as well as a Whole 60 previously and felt they were very helpful in terms of my over all health-all my skin issues disappeared, I slept better, back pain lessened, bloating improved etc. BUT I made a big (not smart) switch several months ago and went vegan. Long story short slowly but surely I started feeling terrible, my skin was looking terrible (excema and psoriasis the worst they have been), I had constant stomach issues, and even periods of feeling like my blood sugar was higher than it should be. (Only way I can describe it is you know the that I had way to much sugar feeling when you have eaten too many sweets? Well I was having that A LOT without eating a lot of sweets!) The final straw for me was one night being woken up by heart burn that was so bad it kept me up for several hours-I've never had heart burn issues before so this was new to me! That's when I decided what I was eating was just NOT working for me at all and made the switch back to a more paleo type diet. I'm feeling better but am looking to clear up some of the residual effects I'm noticing-mainly terrible excema and psoriasis and a bad flair up in back pain so I decided it was time to really commit and do a whole 90. I'm hoping logging my food and getting some support here will be helpful on my journey! 


Today's Food Plan: 


Meal 1: sausage, egg, mixed greens (kale and spinach), with salsa and black coffee


Meal 2: sausage, pumpkin, and a side salad of romaine, evoo, balsamic vinegar, and a handful of raspberries (gotta meal prep tonight-doing this was a last minute decision) 


Meal 3: bacon wrapped compliant meat loaf with salad 

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Morning All! 


So got a few days under my belt and then did the "I'm doing ok maybe I can just ride my own bike" which after several whole 30's I maybe could but..after those several months being vegan I'm still just not feeling very well and think I need the strictness of the guidelines to get my health back on track! Also..I realized if I chose to do a whole 120 instead of a whole 90 that would take my to October 4th...my 30th (gasp I'm old!!) birthday is October 7th so that feels right to me and gives me a motivating goal to work towards! SOOO here goes nothing! Here is my meals for today:


-Sausage with sweet potato 

-slider patties with banana and almond butter 

-bacon and eggs with greens and avacado

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Day 2/120:


Feeling pretty good today so far (I've been eating fairly close to whole 30 prior so I was hoping that would be the case!) Feeling ready for the day but a little low energy. Also bummed because I forgot to grab my clothes for Barre class after work so that will have to wait until tomorrow. (Took two barre classes last week for the first time and loved it!) Anyway here's the food plan for today: 


- aidell's sausage greens and no sugar added applesauce 


-Big salad 


-Compliant chicken wings and a salad

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Day 3/120


Feeling ok again today a little sore but one of the things I am hoping this journey will help with is my chronic back pain. It wasn't an expected benefit last time I did a whole 30 but was something I started to notice experiencing near the end of my 30 days.  Have my stuff for Barre after work today-yay! :) Overall a good start to day 3.


My food plan for today:


-eggs, mixed greens and an aidells sausage with salsa with coconut oil


-compliant chicken wings drizzled with olive oil and balsamic and salad with tessamaes garlic dressing (and maybe a banana with almond butter)


-Nom Nom Paleo's porkquitos, turkey meatballs and sweet potato

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Day 4/120


Hello Everyone! So it's day 4..so far so good not a hint of kill all the things yet! **crosses fingers** Pretty exciting day today going to check out a possible space to sublet for my future private practice after internship (I'm graduating with my master's in mental health counseling end of this month). Have a slight headache but otherwise feeling pretty good and ready to take on the day! Hoping my hunger calms down today. 


Breakfast: Sausage with greens and olive oil


Lunch: Chicken wings, salad, and a banana


Dinner: bacon burger and sweet potato 

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Haha it's funny you say that because I've felt like my food has been SUPER boring.  :) But with work, school, and internship I just don't have the time to cook super fancy meals and have discovered (thanks to prior Whole 30's) that in spite of what people say the Whole 30 doesn't necessarily have to mean a ton of time in the kitchen..sticking to a simple meat source and throwing in a variety of veggies does the trick just fine. I usually let my body tell when I need to get a little fancier when I start to feel bored of what I'm eating. Hope you are having a great day 4!  :) 

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Day 5/120


Ugh..not a great day so far. Got to see the space I was looking into last night and I think it will work perfectly so I'm planning to officially sublease there once I get my license which is wonderful. BUT had a freak out last night because I was trying to prepare a video I have to show today  and my laptop charger was missing. Anyway this resulted frantic tearing apart the house and an attempt at a target run at 9 pm. Ended up buying an expensive charger that didn't end up working even after being told it should work with my model and getting in a pretty big argument with my husband. I think it was more the culmination of grad school stress with the end being near then anything but woke up tired with a head ache, back ache and just generally feeling  crappy.  I'm also noticing I'm really struggling so far this morning with wanting non compliant foods. (I wanted a chai tea latte more then I can say this am!) Emotional eating stuff I'm guessing but going to keep plugging along. I'm also a little worried because I am going with my husband and the in laws to this place by the ocean which although very fun likely means non complaint food all around me AND my in laws are huge food pushers and tend to get offended by my turning down any food item that they have prepared no matter how politely so it will be challenging.  


Food plan for today:


M1: Sausage and pumpkin and no sugar added applesauce


M2: Salad with hamburger patty


M3: Not sure hopefully fun dinner date with the hubby. 

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Well accidentally ate some food with butter in it last night (ate out at the hotel and the waiter goofed..) Soooo I'm restarting as of today-not giving up! This unfortunately means I'll be doing a whole 115 up until my birthday instead of whole 30 but oh well gotta press on!!

Plan for today:

-no sugar added applesauce and maybe the sausage and egg from a blast sandwich (on the road traveling home)

-burger patty with avacado and salsa and mixed green salad

-porkitos sausage and sweet potato

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