Whole30 Newbie, Starting June 1st!


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Hi, I'm Sarah.

I had some friends who have done the program and have noticed so many positives because of it. I just graduated from the University of Southern California a few weeks ago and felt like this experience was the next obvious step in improving my life so that I have more time ahead of me to use that expensive degree! ;)

My biggest problem is eating out of boredom, so in addition to changing what I eat, I am planning on adding a bit more activity to my days.

If you have any favorite Whole30 recipes, please share! There isn't much that I won't try :)

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Well, the good news is that you won't be bored because you'll be busy shopping, prepping food, and reading the forums!

Welcome! I'm starting my second W30 June 1!

Everything I have tried in the Whole30 book is exceptional! I have tried some of the recipes on other sites, including http://nomnompaleo.com. It's kind of hit and miss. Some I wouldn't make again and some are good.

I liked the spicy tuna cakes on Nom Nom Paleo. Also, http://www.preppypaleo.com/2012/06/paleo-blueberry-breakfast-clafouti.html for a couple of meals. Both reheat well.

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I used only one cookbook, Well Fed - 1. The instructions on how to prep ingredients and use them to make quick template meals really worked for me. The recipes are very flexible with a lot of room for improvisation - and I love that. Good luck to you!

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