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All in the family - Day 1 6/1/16


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Today is our first day and I am looking forward to cooking and eating a completely non-processed diet for the next 30 days. Hubby and I have tried to keep to a clean diet for about 3 years, but have seriously failed for the past year. We decided as a family (hubby, god-daughter, and myself) to do this together and support each other through the tough days that we know are coming for the first couple of weeks, but we feel the benefits far out way any moodiness that will occur.

We cleaned the house out of all non-compliant foods and gave it to a family that could use it. My kitchen is uncluttered and re-arranged to make prep and cooking easier and menus for the first 4 days are made.

For myself, I had a VSG done in 2011 and lost 80 pounds and vastly improved my health but over the past couple of years, I have moved away from healthy eating and have put 40 lbs back on and starting to see my health deteriorate. I need to focus my health, I cannot allow myself to go back to where I was prior to my surgery.

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