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Ellie's 3rd Whole 30


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So, I'm on Day 4. This time around I'm not keeping a food log per se - I'm generally pretty paleo anyway, I don't feel I 'need' the log this time around. This is more of a daily diary of how I'm finding the process of tightening my diet again.

In particular, I want to keep track of how I do in relation to these aims.

1. Getting snacking in order! I still have trouble finding enough food at meal times, and often my sugar dragon comes back in the form of fruit binges even though I am satisfied hunger-wise. I don't want to tell myself to never snack, and certainly don't want to beat myself up for taking coconut chips to the movies (I do this!), but by and large I want to be eating at times that make my hormones happy.

2. Moving more! I don't really exercise, and I'm not ready to drop a money bomb at CrossFit just yet, which sorta looks like a Territorial Army franchise - at least my local does! But I am going back to yoga, have signed up for a beginners' strength class, and want to take more long jogging and swimming breaks at my lovely local affordable council-run leisure centre.

3. Bringing back gastronomy! I learned how to cook like a grown-up on my first Whole30 using there bare minimum of utensils and pantry supplies (I used to be a baker and sandwich-maker). Now my life is less nomadic and I have a grown-up kitchen with a boss gas hob and I can't wait to take my awesome meals to uni in my beautiful bento-box.

4. Bringing back the zen! I'm a PhD student, I travel frequently, and I just moved continents and back. Sleep was the first thing to go when I moved back to the UK and was sofa-surfing for a month. I'm already feeling a welcome return to sleep-filled nights; my boyfriend just put up blackout curtains in our room and it is bliss! I perform best in my studies and teaching when I have routine and rest, so it is a big priority for me.

...I almost forgot about weightloss! My last 10 pounds clings to me for dear life, and tbh I'm not sure I'll ever really shift it, but I'm hoping that by focusing on my habits and my wellbeing this month, it will continue to drip away. Slow burners, represent!

Looking forward to a happy, healthful 26 days ahead! (Posts won't always be this long, promise).

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Hmm, I updated yesterday but apparently never clicked post! Well, yesterday was my best day yet - two solid meals (slept through breakfast... ah weekends) without needing snacks or fruit. I've also found a new yoga studio with some more flowing sequences and chanting; soon I'll be a kombucha-brewing, bamboo-fibre-wearing yogi - just don't tell them I eat meat!!

I needed snacks today, though. Boy and I went to an annual local fun fair which was super fun. I was not at all tempted by the technicolor foodstuffs but the only compliant meal I could get (jerk chicken) was not enough so I packed an apple, some plain almonds and a nak'd bar (read: larabar). I don't feel too bad though, and I JUST MADE MAYONNAISE!

Tomorrow I'm off on my bi-weekly research gathering trip down south. I'll be packing firecracker tuna, courgette fritters, tiger prawns in macadamia pesto, nuts, seeds and apples.

I do miss my stateside crew...

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