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Post-Whole30 Switching Things Up

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Health has been a bit off this year since recovering from salmonella. Still far and beyond where I was from my first Whole30, but feeling a bit "off" compared to my new healthier self.


Already eat very little grains, but cutting out some of the emptier starches and products with higher sugars/carbs for awhile, seeing how I feel. I'll stick to root veggies and plantains for carbs with a bit of fruit now and then. Not a full Whole30, but close.


Packed away things with sugars, rice noodles, potato starch noodles (have never made these yet) and rice.


Been doing it for a day or two now, already feeling better. I think some recent products I had added are things I may need to avoid or just cut down. I had been doing some "relaxing" as an experiment with my naturopath, not about eating more crap, more around not spending as much time meal planning, cooking etc. I think this experiment has been useful, as meal planning seems to have a big impact on feeling better (the results seem to indicate I eat better when I plan ahead).


Big fan of new finds:

Cleavers Paleo Meatballs. Open pack, throw in oven, bake. Done :D

Roasting veggies (just cut up, in a packet, fresh). Open pack, throw in oven, bake. Done :D


I think these will be a winter favourite.

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B: Paleo meatballs, roast veggies (same as last night's dinner)


Was feeling a little sugar-low-shaky just before lunch, so changed my lunch plan.

L: Coyo Coconut Yoghurt, Paleo Forage, fresh blueberries


Workout: 200 leg squats - Total Gym (need to check setting)


D: Beef red curry with stir fry veggies and coconut cream (week day favourite).


Note: feeling so much better today I actually forgot coffee until afternoon  :lol:

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Making a note as this so rarely happens to me these days. Food I didn't cook myself, won't be eating there again.


Ache behind the eyes, sore eyes, sore top teeth, swollen throat, swollen face, sore jaw, stiff and sore neck and back, puffy glands, puffy fingers.


I think it's cross contamination as I've certainly felt worse but I think it's gluten, possibly dairy too.

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