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Slowing Down through Detox

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I need a place to complain because that seems to be my biggest detox symptom. I'm sluggish, but it comes and goes. I'm tired. That also comes and goes. My stomach has hurt a little from digesting because I'm obviously so used to filling up on sugar and grains which are easier to digest. I can feel the start of a headache coming on that isn't going to go away like the one earlier when I was clearly hungry. No, this is the detox headache coming. 


I'm mostly interested in why I feel the need to complain. I've noticed a LOT of negative self-talk coming up today, something I have worked very hard to prune out of my life in the past year, but here it is again. "I can't have.." "What was I thinking.." "Why am I doing this to myself?" (The answer is always clear - "because I already feel better. My joints aren't foggy and boggy. Because I'm not interested in chronic ill health like my mother or dying early like my father." Oh right. More water. 


I'm tired. I'm complainy. And I want everyone to know it and pat me on the back and tell me how amazing I am to do this and while finishing the quarter and right before graduation? Oh that's so admirable. Yes. Its been a really long time since I felt admirable. But why am I so interested in getting that adoration? Sigh. Up the thoughts come, out they go. Breathe.... they are just thoughts. Just let them go..

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Day 3 - headaches

Day 4 - tired

Day 5 - tired

Day 6 - migraine, craving for pb&j

Day 7 - tail end of migraine, still kind of want that pb&j

It's unusual to still be having migraines this late in the game, and the fact that you're craving PB&J I'm guessing you're not eating enough fat - what does a typical day look like for you? Are you drinking the recommended half ounce of water per pound of body weight daily? Are you salting your food...?

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