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Yay! 3 Days ago I finished my first Whole30


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Three days ago I finished my first Whole30. I haven't finished anything in a very long time. But, I knew this time would be different from the first day. So, what happened?


I didn't go off the program. Not once.  I cooked and cooked and walked and swam. 


I went from 4 cups of coffee a day with cream and sweet & low to 1.5 cups of black coffee a day. Instead of that early morning caffeine jolt, I drank water with lime or lemon.


About halfway though I realized my back didn't hurt anymore. 


Did I have cravings? Not really. I think part of that was because  I made my mind up 2 days before I started that nothing would deter me from this journey. When we would go to a gathering, my sweet husband would grab me a club soda or water right away. 


I didn't talk to anyone about it except my husband and son. I did post instagram photos of some cool compliant food I was making and let people ask me about it.


In the end, which is really the beginning, I lost 8 pounds. I was so happy about that, but kicking the sugar was just as important.


A day after the I finished I ate a piece of cake. I had planned a proper reintro (no lectures please) but I really knew what I shouldn't eat. I ate the cake, a trifecta of sugar, flour and dairy (cream cheese frosting)  I was sick all day. And, that confirmed what I already knew.


I am back on the plan. I'm not counting the days, just thinking about how great I feel. Will I eat cake again? Not anytime soon. But every now and then I may indulge.


I have learned sugar and flour are evil twins and that sugar permeates our processed food. So, while I thought this way of eating was a little expensive, we make up for that by not eating out.  We've planted a great garden, have abundant farmer's markets near us and have found a source for organic eggs.


Thanks for reading and I wish you the best of health on your journey.

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thank you for posting this. I am in day 11, I can relate to your attitude towards it. I need to feel better.  One of my biggest struggles in the pre-programmed notion that I must lose weight.  I put my scale away so that I am not as tempted but it is very hard. 


The logical part of me knows that I don't need a square metal object to validate my existence, my emotional self has not accepted it yet. 

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Thanks for posting.  I felt the same way about the scale so I put a note on it that said "don't step on me" :)  You can do it! Once I reached the halfway point, and you are almost there, I started to feel stronger.


Then I could exercise a little harder.  I swim a few times a week and walk everyday.  I think that's what helped my weight loss.  If you step it up make sure you eat enough healthy fat.


Best of luck to you.

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