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Winning!!! ;0)~


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We did our first Whole 30 from Feb. to March of this year.  After the cleanse we decided for the most part to continue to just eat like we were still doing the Whole 30 because we decided by week 2 that we were making this a permanent life change.  I am 37 and my husband is 41.  This has CHANGED our lives!  He had horrible Eczema on his hands and feet and had been through tons of doctors appointments, creams, treatments, etc and they told him it was something he would just have to live with.  His hands are mostly clear now and he can go back to playing guitar and has even started Kung Fu and Tai Chi!  (His triggers are Gluten, Dairy, and Kirkland Signature brand coffee.)  I had lots of adult acne that my doctors and a couple of dirmatologists (sp?) couldn't clear up.  My skin is CLEAR!  (My trigger is Dairy.)  We couldn't be happier with this change!  We've also both lost weight and have gotten compliments on how good we look.  (Like our clear skin and just looking happier and more confident.)  Today I got a call from my doctor that my bad cholesterol that was getting high last year is back to 'fantastic, perfect' levels!!!  I was soooooooo happy to get that call!  Thank you Whole 30!  I will say it again...this has changed our lives!!!!!    :D

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