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This is my 3rd Whole30. Its going to be difficult because:


1. I have lots of social events this month: a best friend's birthday, my boyfriend's birthday, a weekend getaway to the beach

2. I work in restaurants where meal time is erratic and often I don't get a chance to eat for 8 hours at a time. 

3. Its the summer! And that makes me want to drink alcohol. Or at least that's my habit. 

But let's think about why I'm doing this. 


1. I'm tired of waking up hungover and bloated. 

2. My pants are getting tight. 

3. I'm not focusing on my work the way I want to because my first priority is going out to eat and drink. 


Day 1:


1. cabbage slaw, cauliflower mash topped with beef "sloppy joe"

2. green salad w duck and almonds w vinaigrette, 2 pc salmon sashimi

3. green apple with almond butter, sweet potato fries


Obviously meal 3 was not really a complete meal, but at least it was compliant. Another day to do better!




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I feel SO tired and bloated and just having a total carb hangover. Definitely right in line with the Whole30 timeline where after a day of "awesome this is easy" I'm now like "ugh" and the ugh is proportionate to the amount of alcohol, cookies, scones, chips and baguette I've been eating since my last whole30. 


1. Roasted red kale, 3 eggs over medium in coconut oil, homemade mayo

2. Canned albacore tuna w celery, capers, onions and homemade mayo, beef Epic bar, 1/2 apple with almond butter

3. pumpkin RX bar (post w/o)

4. Baked chicken fingers (homemade w almond flour and coconut flakes), roasted asparagus


Kill All Things already creeping in. Feeling, just SO hungover which is funny because for the first time in a few months I'm actually not hungover. At least not from wine. 




1. paleo meatloaf, sauteed chard, roasted sweet potato (from Hu Kitchen)

2. grain free "fish sticks" w veggies/eggs/coconutflour (from Hu Kitchen)

3. pumpkin RX bar (post w/o)

4. pulled pork lettuce wraps, roasted asparagus, homemade mayo

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Finally feeling better this morning, even energetic. Here's my plan:


1. sweet potato chia pudding w almonds (just improvised this recipe and it worked great!)

2. roasted kale, 3 fried eggs, 1/2 avocado

3. pumpkin RX bar (post w/o)

4. beef tacos (onion, peppers, jalapeno) in lettuce wraps, avocado


Should be a good day! I need to cook up some stuff in advance for the next few days, luckily its supposed to rain tonight so, easy to stay indoors and cook :)

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The timing of lunch on Day 4 was a little wonky because of my workout so Day 4 actually looked like this:



1. sweet potato chia pudding w almonds

2. beef Epic bar (pre w/o)

3. banana, raw mixed nuts (post w/o on the go, got stuck in the city longer than I meant to)

4. beef tacos in lettuce wraps, roasted asparagus


Feeling very tired today, I am sleeping well but wake up like its from the dead and always feel like I could go another hour. 


Tonight I face one of my biggest challenges which is my Sunday night shift. I work at a wine bar (ack!) and on Sundays I am there by myself. Its great but since I don't have another employee to relieve me to take a break, "dinner" is often eaten hastily standing up and just whenever I can get a bit in. And sometimes doesn't come until after midnight. I have to PLAN PLAN PLAN and then plan extra.


My plan is to eat breakfast before work:

- pork breakfast meatloaf (homemade in the slowcooker) w egg and sweet potato


Then have "lunch" around 5pm when we are still slow

- leftover taco mix over arugula salad, sweet potato, 1/2 avocado


Then if I'm able to order dinner (at 10pm) from the restaurant next door:

- Branzino baked in cartocchio w olives, peppers, potato



- pumpkin RX bar and beef Epic bar


I'm committed to getting through the night with total compliance! The other hard part will be NOT having a glass of wine at the end of my shift. If I'm craving wine, then I will drink water (because I know I will be thirsty after being on my feet for 10 hours). 


Wish me luck!

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Its Day 7 and I feel kind of amazing. Like, why don't I eat like this all the time?? Anyway here my food log for the past two days cause I missed a couple:



1. pineapple, breakfast "meatloaf", egg, sauteed kale

2. pulled pork, roasted sweet potato

3. spicy coppa, orange, almonds

4. charred octopus salad w chorizo, frisee and raddicchio


I forgot my RX bar to bring to work which was a bummer cause I had to snack on cured meats and fruit and nuts which is less than ideal but I stayed compliant through a long boring shift which is a total success!

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1. breakfast meatloaf, pineapple, avocado

2. roasted chicken leg, raw kale salad, sweet potato noodles

3. leftover roasted chicken leg and sweet potato noodles

4. thai green curry w chicken/eggplant/bell peppers


Feeling great today, about to go to yoga. Food freedom is amazing!

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1. RX bar (pre yoga)

2. homemade breakfast sausage, kale sauteed in ghee, 1/2 avocado

3. beef Epic bar and a few bites of steak

4. pulled pork w lettuce wraps


I feel like I'm having trouble eating enough during meals because I'm ending up hungry between meal times. Always takes a while for my hunger signals to adjust to the change. 

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1. RX bar

2. beef taco meat in lettuce wraps, avocado

3. sugar snap peas, summer squash salad w aioli, striped bass whole fish

4. apple w/almond butter


pretty good day, went out to dinner with friends and stayed compliant the whole meal, I even faked drinking wine and no one noticed I wasn't really drinking! I just left the wine in my glass and would hold it sometimes and put it up to my mouth without ever let it touch my lips. Even my boyfriend was fooled! Total success.

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1. beef Epic bar (pre w/o)

2. sweet potato and scallion hash topped w egg

3. coffee RX bar (was running to work and needed smthg on the go)

4. beef brisket, cucumber/onion/pepper salad

5. chicken breast, pumpkin RX bar, apple w almond butter


The meals are a little off because I worked a very late shift. Also the brisket made me feel a little sickly so I couldn't finish it and then got overly hungry later at the end of my shift. But its all good. I stayed totally compliant. Gotta watch the apple w almond butter snack, that is my weakness and is not really a good snack and is totally just feeding my sugar dragon. That's my goal going into week 2 here. 

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DAY 10

I'm feeling GREAT. I am eating a lot which probably has to do with the fact that I'm getting my period in a few days, but I am eating all compliant foods. Doing a big day of cooking really helped. I have a birthday party tonight which I'm kind of dreading but now that I know I have a new trick of pretending to drink wine rather than explaining why I'm not drinking to everyone  that will make it easier. 

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I have been slacking on logging my food! But its ok, its all good. Its going well. I just finished a two-day getaway to the beach with my boyfriend and stayed WHOLE30 compliant the whole time. It was CRAZY. Going on vacay while not drinking was a totally different experience for me. But in some ways, it was not much different at all as I realized that the relaxation I feel of getting out of the city and just enjoying the scenery and chatting with friends and catching up with my boyf all make me relax just as much as alcohol. So I didn't really miss it. I had to eat around cheese in a salad and I had to ask the bartenders and servers everywhere we went for modifications to what I was ordering. But it was fine. I did it!


Now I'm bummed because I am not feeling the energy I usually do at this stage. Could be because I'm menstruating, but I'm feeling so hungry all the time and bloated and tired. I'm anxious for that tiger blood. 


DAY 14

1. roasted vegetable hash with sausage, fried egg, side of bacon

2. pumpkin RX bar

3. tuna salad w celery and green beans

4. steak salad (spinach) w toasted walnuts, kale chips

5. pistachios


I'm snacking a lot. I guess I'm not eating enough at meals because i'm just SO hungry all the time. Will try and eat more at appropriate times today. 

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DAY 15

1. 3 eggs, sauteed kale, 1/2 avocado

2. homemade sausage, roasted sweet potato, kale salad

3. salmon fillet, 2 poached eggs, spring vegetable salad (carrots, snow peas, asparagus)


Feeling tired. I think I am maybe low on iron? I guess when I have my period I need red meat almost every day. Fine by me!

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DAY 16 

1. Asparagus, beet, carrots and snowpeas all sauteed in ghee, 3 poached eggs, homemade mayo

2. pumpkin RX bar

3. spinach, beets, asparagus salad, burger, 1/2 avocado, coppa

4. coppa, prosciutto, walnuts

- got stuck at work and even though I brought a compliant salad w beef and olives i did not have a chance to sit and eat it, was literally eating standing up as I closed the bar, but I got through it staying compliant 


Day 17

1. 4 poached eggs, spring vegetables sauteed in ghee

2. pumpkin RX bar

3. Pumpkin RX bar, olives (got caught out in the city after a workout and wasn't going to get to dinner for another several hours so ...)

4. paleo chicken fingers (made w almond and coconut flour, delicious!), roasted marinated beets

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