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insatiable hunger getting in the way of changing habits


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Does anyone else get crazy cravings the week leading up to period? I'm eating lotsa  fruit to keep me on whole 30 but I don't feel good about it all since I'm snacking and trying to lose weight.. I feel like I'm not really changing my habits just what I eat if that makes sense. Any tips? I'm on day 5 but I've been eating whole30 for nine days technically.. I want to do 3 meals a day, anyone have success killing pms sugar cravings/insatiable hunger?  :blink:  :wacko:

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Yes, a LOT of women experience increased appetite in the week leading up to and the week of their period.  Often a 'craving' is your body asking for something... like a craving for chocolate is related to magnesium deficiency.  In the week leading up to and the week of your period, increase your meals to accommodate the 4-5 hours.  If that doesn't work, you're definitely encouraged to either have a fourth meal or a mini meal but fruit on its own is not encouraged.  Think protein and fat, protein and veggies or ideally all three.


Increase your fat in your meals as well which will help with cravings and put down the fruit, which is only keeping the dragon alive and screaming... 


if you want to post what you've been eating, please feel free to do so including portion sizes related to the template, meal timing, fluid intake, specific veggies, protein and fats and anything else you think might be relevant.


When women get their periods, the body is expecting to make a baby... so it uses more fuel, asks for more fuel and basically behaves as tho it's bringing life into the world... being extra hungry while it does that is NORMAL!

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I just wanted to add that I felt hungry at first too. Fruit is not your friend unless you pair it with something else. I found I wasn't eating enough fat.


I found the best snacks for me, especially post work out, were a boiled egg and avocado or celery and a little almond butter. By the end of week two I wasn't snacking.


Best of luck to you.

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