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So Ready for This...Starting June 11


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Hi! My name is Tasha and I am beyond ready for this challenge. 2 nights ago I was lying awake in bed at 3:30 am...my health and weight seemingly the culprit. The healthiest I've been in my life was 3 years ago when I followed a strict diet that was 80% raw/vegan and 20% eggs and fish. I felt and looked amazing...for reasons I now understand, I fell away from the lifestyle, and in doing so gained back the weight I lost and then some. 


Trying to regain some control over my life, I went back to what I knew worked in the past, however, much to my dismay, it wasn't working!!!! I was exhausted, cranky and was gaining weight rather then losing. I was frustrated to say the least.


I have been desperately trying to figure out what and how to eat. I was about to spend money....a lot of money...on a meal planning, support program. Until I read third party reviews, and this is how I came across Whole30. The premise and execution make so much sense to me and is along the lines of what I've been trying to piece together myself. Now, I don't feel so overwhelmed, frustrated or hopeless. I am so excited to dive in!


I'm definitely taking my time though to thoroughly plan this out for ultimate success. Because of that and the fact that I've read you should never start a diet on a Monday, lol, I'm putting my start date to next Tues June 11!


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