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Hello! May 31st, Day 1 of first Whole30!


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Hi all,


New to the community and to Whole30.  Started May 31st and have to say I am fighting some pretty tough cravings!  Hope that subsides soon.  Overall, really proud of how well I've done so far.  Went to the beach today and packed a lunch and snack.  Egg salad with homemade mayo, pot roast with veggies.  Veggies with guacamole dip.  And am drinking TONS of water.  Late night, found myself roaming the kitchen looking for "something".  Of course, there are "somethings" to be had, but had half of a large apple.  Still roaming - made myself leave the kitchen get on here for my first post.


Have definitely had the hangover feeling today.  Horrible headache.  Hoping tomorrow is much better.  Hanging tough!  


If anyone else started on the odd date that I did and wants a buddy, would love to "meet" you!

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Don't feed your 'somethings' fruit, dried fruit or nut butter... that 'something' is usually a sugar dragon and feeding it is just going to keep it alive... good for you for leaving the kitchen... brush your teeth, write in your journal, take a bath, go outside... just don't feed the 'somethings' unless you're actually hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli.. in which case if you are, you should eat protein and fat or protein and veggies... 


Are you eating enough fat with your meals? That's a very good way to keep the cravings to a minimum.. if your body is satiated, then cravings are often only in the head, not in the body... having a headache tells me that you might be low on fat... take another look at the meal planning template and try and make your meals match.


As for groups, there are at least three June 1 groups that are busy and full of awesome Whole30ers so feel free to join up with one of them if you like... often our monthly groups have people who started a few days early or a couple days late, so your May 31 start would fit perfectly.

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Thank you, Sugarcube!  After starting the apple, I realized that's EXACTLY what I was doing.  Took it back to the kitchen and started roaming.  Left.  I am getting a good amount of fat and protein in my foods for sure.  Yesterday, I did miss a meal which I think hurt.  We had gone to the beach.  Even though I had brought food with me and did eat, I realized I hadn't had breakfast - just coffee with coconut oil (make an emulsion with it).  I think that may have added to it.  Although my template meals were good, I think it was too little.  And it was definitely head "hunger", not real.  


The headaches I was attributing to it being day 3, and/or water consumption, but will more closely watch the fat, as I got plenty of water.  I LOVE avocados.  Could eat them every meal.  Will make sure I'm getting enough.


That it was late night is an issue for me, I think.  This was about 1:00 a.m.  A very dangerous time for food and me.  


And I will jump in on a June 1st group.  Thank you so very much for your reply!

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