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Energy For Workouts


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Hello.  I am new to this forum and I am on day 18 of my Whole30.


I am a fitness instructor and currently teach six classes a week.  Two days a week I teach classes back to back.  One 45 minute strength class and one 55 minute cardio class (about 15 minutes of that is strength).  I am having a hard time keeping my energy level up for both classes.  By the time I get to the end of the second class, I'm wiped out.


I have read the suggestions for pre and post workout meals which I am trying to implement.  Because I teach in the morning, I am using my breakfast as a pre-workout meal.  It usually consists of:  two eggs scrambled in coconut oil, three chicken sausage links, two cups of steamed spinach, and a small amount of sweet potato.  After my workout I eat a little lean protein and some dense vegetables like squash or potato.  


Lunch usually consists of a large salad with a palm size serving of tuna, chicken, or beef, a little olive oil and vinegar.


Dinner is usually a palm sized serving of chicken or beef, lots of veggies, and a small sweet potato.


If I'm hungry during the day, I snack on nuts or fruit and I drink tons of water.


Sometimes in the morning when I awake, I feel shaky and shaky after my workouts too.


My questions are:


1.  Am I getting enough protein?

2.  Should I eat more or more of a particular food?

3. Should I be trying to eat something between classes?  I only have a few minutes.


I love this program.  I am feeling really good, no more afternoon slump, all sugar cravings are gone, and I am sleeping better. My only problem is my lack of energy for my workouts.  Any suggestions would be welcome.




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You definitely need to eat more protein. Being as active as you are, one palm-size portion with each meal may not be enough. You can eat up to two palm-size portions. Also, you should eat a meal-size portion of lean protein in your post-workout meal, not "a little." 


I only train 30-45 minutes 5 days per week and I typically eat two palm-size portions of protein with lunch and supper every day. 

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