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Starting Monday!


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Hi, my name is Terri and I am starting the Whole30 program on Monday. I am at the point in my life that I need to stop making excuses and just do it!


I just turned 50 (UGH...I know!) I am 5'0 tall, I weigh 129 lbs and I recently was diagnosed with COPD. When I was told that I have COPD, I was shocked, considering I have never smoked a day in my life! However, I have had asthma my entire life as well as chronic joint pain and daily headaches.


I have tried many things to ease the pain, with no improvements. I've tried massages, micro currency shock, acupuncture, chiropractic  and the list goes on. I'm at the point to where I am finally realizing that it all comes down to diet!


Trust me, as I am writing this, my mind is doing everything to try and talk myself out of it. I'm not going to lie, this diet does seem difficult. I will be giving up many foods that I absolutely LOVE!! My daily latte, sugar, cheese, pasta, wine, pizza....

I will definitely need accountability during these 30 days. I just need to get in the right mindset on how I can physically give up all of these food groups.


Society makes us believe it is okay and acceptable to eat all of these yummy foods. Trendy 5 star restaurants, weddings, back yard BBQ's, Happy Hour, cooking channels etc... These are the reasons I always give up! I see my friends enjoying a glass of wine paired with cheese and crackers and I obviously want to join in. Seems like a classy and normal thing to do right?


So, here I am trying to break my vicious cycle and I WILL NOT talk myself out of this. My new saying is simply (I DON'T EAT THAT!) I'm not getting any younger and this time it's for my health! Here's to 30 days!   :rolleyes:






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