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Day 29 Feeling good and now not feeling good - pms?


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Hi All,

I've got a question for you all - I'm on Day 29 (no cheats/distractions) and I've been feeling awesome until about 8:30am this morning when I started to go downhill. My knees started to ache and then my lower back wasn't feeling so good and then came the nausea and headache along with feeling weak etc.

A bit of background - I have endometriosis and to help reduce my pain every 2 weeks (ovulation and at menses) I skip my sugar pills and and normally I get a period every 7-8 weeks and it's only been 5 weeks since (a week before starting Whole30). Normally when I'm leading up to my period my lower back starts to ache and I get moody/grumpy/emotional but not achy knees, headaches or nausea.

I was up at 5:30am this morning and I really was feeling awesome until about 8:30am and I've been feeling so great the past 2 weeks. The only food I've eaten is food I've eaten since the weekend is stuff that I have cooked and made myself

I'm ultimately hoping that eventually my endo isn't a problem once I lose all my weight, get fit and spend a long time on paleo.

Could it be pms or could it be something else? Could going full Whole30/Paleo be changing things up a bit? Should I go back to monthly cycles? One thing is for sure, suddenly feeling so bad makes me really want to stick to this way of eating and living - I love feeling good!


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Lisanne, it is hard to know for sure what is causing you to feel so terrible. I would advise to take a deep breaths, it has only been one day out of your 30 (hopefully). It is totally normal to feel/see changes in your cycle and pms symptoms. There is a lot going on is your body and hormones are finding new base points. Eating good food is always the right thing to do. So keep that up!

I would find a good doctor who understands or is willing to work with paleo peeps and have him/her help you along the way.

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Any chance you haven't been taking your pill at the exact same time every day? Any chance it is your period starting a bit early? I have endometriosis, too, so I can sympathize with the achy body (my knees and ankles in particular are my signs that my period is a day or two away). I've read some people start their period early when on the Whole30, but I don't know if they're on hormones or not. As for me, it just delayed ovulation/period, but I'm not on birth control. I hope it's just a phase and it passes for you.

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Thanks everyone! I guess time will tell, but I am VERY glad that today I am back to feeling great again! I'm getting the occasional pain in my side which is probably from my endo.

It's a relief in a way to read that hormones are all over the place for others at the start too so lets hope it's that and with time it will calm.

I have about 20-30kg's to loose so if it's true that fat releases hormones then it may take a while to settle down BUT I am determined to stick with it and I reckon if there was any day I wasn't going to go off from it then yesterday was it so in that sense I am very strong :D

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